How To Renew Your FRSC Driver’s License (2021)

In this post, we will be teaching you a step by step guide on how to renew your driver’s license, the amount it will cost you and every other thing you should know. Read on…

For the sole purpose of accident prevention, in 1988 the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) was commissioned and established to oversee the safety of all motorists. Under the Federal Road Safety Commission, we have the Federal Road Safety Corp which enforces the policy made by the commission.

Since then, the drivers license became very important and mandatory for all car/vehicle owners and drivers as the legal document (driver’s license) will be issued by the government.

We all know the usage of driver’s license isn’t common only to Nigeria, countries all over the world have their own driver’s license and it is issued everywhere you travel to, giving the visitor, citizens or non-citizens the right to drive on their roads.

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In Nigeria, with your valid drivers license, you are allowed to drive to anywhere you wish without being intimidated by the Road Safety Corp.

The Federal Road Safety Commission launched a never type of driver’s license in 2012 which makes it mandatory for drivers to go through some medical tests with certification for drivers before being issued to commercial drivers.

The good thing about this is that in every three years the driver’s license gets expired and becomes invalid, then you will need to renew your driver’s license, this is the main reason why we are writing this article so as to guide you on how to renew your driver’s license.

Though, in 2016, two years was added to the validity of the driver’s license making it 5 years expiry period, endorsed by the federal government.

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For new applicants that want to apply for the Nigerian driver’s license, it is compulsory that the individual must be 18 years of age to be qualified for application and also the applicants must go through driving training in a recognized/registered driving school so he/she will be certified. It is a mandatory prerequisite for you to be issued a driver’s license.

All thanks to the government and the commission for making this easy as you can now do this online.

Drivers License Renewal Step by Step Procedure

  1. Visit the official website of the FRSC renewal portal
  2. Click on the “Drivers License Renewal” button and a form will be shown where you will be asked to input your date of birth and your previously used and expired drivers license number, once the form has been correctly filled, you will be able to access and fill the full application form.
  3. Make the payment for the license via online platforms or via any designated bank presented to you.
  4. After payment, you are to print out your receipts and submit the application form with your receipt to the drivers licensing center (Board of Internal Revenue Officer or VIO at the DLC for endorsement).
  5. Then you can proceed to the Federal Road Safety Corps Office for Biometric Data Capturing, your details and biometrics will be taken.
  6. You will be issued a temporary driver’s license which will be valid for 60 days.
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NOTE: It might cost you around 10,000 – 15,000 Naira, though the normal fee is 6,000 Naira but things are done differently in this part of the world so you should prepare the said amount for easy process.


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