How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship?

long distance relationship

Thanks to the Internet and the multiplicity of digital media in helping us to survive a long distance relationship, we find it easier to be in constant contact, to know and start a relationship even when you are from a far location.

Factors that become indispensable and keep us connected all the time, so that the illusion and the love for that person will last, especially in the initial phase when we tend to be more “addicted”.

Communication is no longer an obstacle in long-distance relationships since you can spend a lot of time talking to our partner, via chats or video calls. A bond that is reinforced before close couples, as they tend to create much stronger bonds because they have more active communication.

However, as the relationship progresses, many couples become frustrated, creating situations of stress and anxiety at specific times that usually lead to moments of sadness and separation. The lack of physical contact, moments of intimacy and affection are usually some of the main factors of the ruptures. 

After five months apart, without being able to see eachother, I was bored to the point of not wanting to talk to her. Unilaterally, I decided to leave because I lost the illusion of coinciding.

Over time, problems are created that can be more or less intense and can create uncomfortable situations or major obstacles in a relationship, such as:

1. Uncertainty

The illusion of the first phase and the fact of being far away makes us think about what it will be like when it is possible to be close to the other person, to form an ideal with the other person that expands over time. But as it doesn’t, negative thoughts start to invade us and not knowing what will happen causes us stress and anxiety.

2. Lack of time together

One of the biggest problems in a distance relationship is the lack of physical contact and intimacy that every couple needs. In addition to the fact that when you meet that person on many occasions, the last few days of living together, the thought of thinking that you won’t see him again in a period of time causes a sadness that takes hold of that time.

3. Boredom

The monotony, the few moments together, communication through digital channels and even circles of different friends can lead to boredom – which can make the couple’s relationship meaningless.

Although there are no universal rules for surviving a long-distance relationship, thanks to the easy access we have to digital tools like Facebook or WhatsApp, many people want to continue betting on it. You can reinforce some aspects discussed above to resolve the lack of closeness:

1. Maintain communication

Communicating with our partner means showing our personality, our tastes, character and affection towards the other person. This will allow you to get to know you, your circle of friends, relatives, understand your fears, the way you behave and treat you.

The healthiest thing is to be honest and frank to expose your doubts and what you feel. On the other hand, she must do the same and, together, seek a solution that satisfies both.

2. Look for moments to see each other

Every relationship is a world, but being able to see it over a period of time is positive for maintaining that person’s interest, enthusiasm and motivation. That yes! Try not to fall into the routine, so that it doesn’t feel like an obligation to see, but something you want.

3. Trust your partner

Trust is the key to a relationship and, despite miles away, it must be there. Staying away does not mean that he or she lies to you, or even that you are unfaithful.

4. Keep interest

Give him freedom and get yours too. But don’t let routine, sadness or loneliness affect you. A long-distance relationship can have many advantages, in addition to creativity to innovate in your relationship. Find out what you like best!


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