Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Dating

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Dating

Being happy in love or meeting someone special is what many people want when looking for an online relationship. Do you want it too? Therefore, to learn more about the topic, discover the advantages and disadvantages of virtual dating. Check out my exclusive post on the topic!

Advantages and disadvantages of having an online relationship

In several situations, there are advantages and disadvantages, as well as in virtual dating. Meet some of the advantages and disadvantages of virtual dating:


  • Easy contact with people of the most diverse personalities, tastes, profiles, locations, among others;
  • Greater security when maintaining contact with strangers;
  • Chances of getting to know a person well before meeting them in person;
  • Time, location and different languages ​​is not a problem for those who have an online relationship, because, with the use of technology, this dating is facilitated.


  • Increased chances of falling into a “trap”: Not everyone who participates in dating apps and social networking sites has good intentions.
  • Lack of chemistry: It is difficult to know whether personally the attraction between the couple will match the expectations maintained through the virtual conversations;
  • Lack of confidence: There is always fear and insecurity that the crush is talking and meeting others on the internet or even in person.

There is no right or wrong in this type of loving choice, but you need to assess your expectations and personality. That way, the online relationship can be started and have good chances of success. 

10 tips to succeed in online relationships

If you want to invest in this type of channel to get to know love, you need to know what to do. So, check out 10 tips to succeed in online relationships!

1. Look for trusted sites and apps

One of the first precautions, when wanting an online relationship, is to check the most trusted sites and applications to register and go in search of new love. Currently, there are several websites and applications that allow the registration and participation of people of different ages, locations, as well as profiles of men and women.

Thus, it is necessary to find them and stay with the best and that best match your profile and expectations.

2. Make a good profile

To succeed in online dating, you need to create a good profile. The characteristics you have, your qualities, your defects, can be exactly what a nice person is looking for.

So, invest a good amount of time to make your profile on online social networking sites and applications. In fact, having a well-designed profile helps you discard suitors who have nothing to do with your style, in addition to attracting those who have many compatibilities with you.

A tip, in addition to posting a beautiful photo, in high resolution – and data such as age, city and others – is to also include your hobbies and things of interest. In this way, it is possible to find very nice people who, even if it doesn’t become a relationship, will be good company for a lively and interesting chat.

3. Don’t lie

One of the worst attitudes for those who want to start an online relationship is to lie. If the other person is also in the mood for dating and finds out a lie of yours, you can give up because you don’t feel confident.

Sometimes a lie does not mean that the person does not have a good character, he is just trying to impress the other – at the beginning of a relationship, it can happen. Lying is not recommended.

After all, if the other person thinks you do this often, they can give up dating. So, think that the right person will like you the way you are.

After all, this rule also applies when you are creating your profile.

You can highlight your strengths because they are not lies, but making your profile more attractive does not cost anything, does it?

4. Go to meetings only in public places

Have you been chatting online with a nice person for a while, and want to make an appointment?

So know that you need to be safe! One of the tips is to go to meetings only in public places.

Unfortunately, there are not only good people in this world. Therefore, taking precautions and avoiding putting yourself in dangerous situations is super important when starting online dating and meeting people you know on the net.

5. Don’t give details of your intimacy

Some people barely know anyone and already pass on all personal information and routine. This behaviour is very dangerous; after all, in this world, we are never sure of a person’s real intention.

Therefore, avoid providing data and information for internet flirting. Only do this after some time of conversation and meetings in person.

6. Forget the rush

Nothing worse than being in a hurry to get an online relationship. This attitude, besides being bad, can also put you at risk, accumulating amorous disappointments.

Certainly, the ease of relating on the Internet can leave some people in a hurry more than they should. What’s more, everything is just a click away. However, it is necessary to face this situation like a normal courtship.

That is, with phases to be passed, before creating much intimacy and delivery. So take it easy, get to know the person you want to date and forget the rush.

7. Open up to the new

You’re younger and you want to love for life, right? Or are you older and have had affective experiences and want to try something?

Whatever your situation, age or expectation, virtual dating can bring you great joy and cool people.

However, it is necessary to open up to the new and be willing to try this type of relationship. In addition, a relationship that begins in the virtual world can easily move into the real world. Even so, the ideal is not to create expectations and to be open to the opportunities and joys that this experience can bring you.

8. Look for people who have to do with your moment or plans for the future 

Do you know when you like someone, but know that you are at different times in life and do not want the same thing?

So, if you want to avoid frustrations in your online relationship, it is recommended to look for people who are looking for the same as you. If you want to date, because you are thinking of getting married, having a family, children, try to find profiles of men who want the same. If you have had these life experiences or just want a company, focus on people who have a common personality and taste.

Thus, you find a great partner to do the things you like best.

9. Don’t give money

Today there are many who take advantage of people’s good intentions and willingness to be happy.

Precisely with the intention of obtaining easy money and committing crimes, many enter online applications and social networking sites to apply scams. To be on your guard, do not talk about financial matters with people you are meeting or at the beginning of online dating.

If your flirt or virtual boyfriend asks you for money, be wary and be careful not to fall into a fake dating scam.

10. Be careful with a fairy tale dating

You know that man who looks like a prince charming, who says everything you want and shows that he is willing to do anything to make you happy?

So in online relationships, this can happen often – but the intentions are not always real. So be wary of a man who seems to be everything you’ve always asked for.

This does not mean that you should give up, but it is important to be aware of very “perfect” behaviours. This can help you not to be disappointed or fall into a trap.

Signs that your online dating is working

Virtual dating can go right or wrong, but do you know the signs that identify it? So check out 3 signs that your virtual dating is working:

1. He/She is available 

If your virtual love is available to answer your calls and answer your messages, it means that he is interested.

2. He is interested in you and your daily life

If he is interested in you and your daily life, this is a sign that your online relationship is working. After all, whoever loves takes care, the saying went.

3. He is true and does what he promised 

If you have found that the things your love tells you are true, and he usually keeps his promises to you, this is a sign that your relationship can work in real life.

Signs that your online dating is going wrong 

Unfortunately, there are no flowers in an online relationship. So check out 3 signs that your virtual dating is going wrong:

1. Lies

If you have already noticed the many serious lies or “little lies” of your virtual love, it is better to be aware. This is one of the signs that dating is not going to work.

2. Absences

Without good reason, the disappearances for days or weeks of your love are also signs that your virtual dating is going wrong.

3. Disinterest

If the person is not interested in your routine, problems, sadness and joy, it may be a sign that the online relationship is not working very well.

Did you like to know more about online relationship and the advantages and disadvantages of virtual dating? And do you want to read other texts and stay on top of the news? So always follow the blog!



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