I Prefers Sleeping With 12-14-Years Old Girls – Says A Married Man

  • Man Raped His Wife’s Niece
  • A Man said he Preferred Sleeping with young girls of 12 to 14 years old.

A statement by a Nigerian married man has sparked a barrage of reactions on social media after he declared that he prefers to have sex with young girls, most especially when they are at the range of 12 to 14-years old.

9jatoday understands that the man whose name was identified as Augustine Okonkwo had made the statement in reaction to a post by a Facebook user with name Nkem Nwakonobi.

The whole drama started after Nkem posted her ordeal with her husband who she caught red-handed sleeping with her teenage niece in their house.

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Her post read thus;

“I no marry again, this kind man fit rape his daughter.”
“I have been married since 2012 and I have three kids. When I was pregnant for my third child in 2018, I begged my elder brother who lives in the village to help send his daughter of 12-years-old to me as to assist me in chores. My elder brother accepted and his wife came with their daughter to my house, my brother’s wife left the next day and living the daughter. Since then she has been living with us.”

“I put to bed in December 2018 and have been taking care of my husband in the other room, but most times when I wake up at midnight I won’t see my husband beside me, but I don’t bother because he comes back before morning so last week, I woke up at midnight and didn’t find him beside me so I decided to check on him in the sitting room but he wasn’t there to my greatest surprise when I went to the kids room I saw him on my niece pounding the little girl, holding tight her mouth,”

“I screamed and he stood up from the girl, knelt down and started begging me. I have been in tears since then.”

Reacting to her post, Augustine replied that she should free her man, adding that if he happens to be the husband, he will send his wife parking while he will marry the young girl and continue having a nice time with her.

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Agustine’s statement seems to have gone too way bad as social media users berated his comment, noting that his relatives should take caution from him, saying that such a man can even sleep with his daughter.

Another social media user pointed out that relatives of Augustine should get away kids far away from him, adding that he could be dangerous around kids.


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