I Found My Death Certificate While I Am Still Alive – Nurse Narrates Ordeal

A Woman Found Her Death Certificate While Still Alive – How? Read Below

Many people live happily, enjoying their simple life with no worries until they get to know that people who claim to love them are their very own enemy and death in view.

So is the story of a married nurse who recently shared her ordeal but pleaded to be anonymous.

She had a husband whom she had always loved, they have kids together and are planning to one day get Visa and travel abroad.

Unfortunately, a day came a secrete of her husband dating another lady got leaked to her when he knew that she already in the know, he apologized which she agrees to.

Another day came, this times its something too bad, he returned home late and was down on bed till the following morning, on the early hour of the next day, she woke before him and needed some gas to use in the house.

She took his ride out to get some, painfully on her, she found that he had already obtained her death certificate with her name on it, gets a Visa for himself and his side chick to travel abroad.

This dawn on her that he is leaving her with the kids to move abroad with his side chick.

Now she wants is planning to take a bad move.

Please what can she do?

See the main post below as shared on a Marriage Counseling group on Facebook.

Death Certificate

Death Certificate


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