Video: Lady Beats Her Mother Over Alleged Witchcraft

Lady Beats Mother

In what has been described as being ‘senseless’, a young lady has been seen in a now-viral video giving her biological mother some lashes after her pastor allegedly accused the mother of witchcrafts.

According to a source whose name is identified as Sam Ituama, as seen on the social media where the video was shared, the young lady attacked her mother and start flogging her with a cane while her friend watches and videotape the scenario.

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The whole drama reportedly started after a Pastor to the young lady disclosed that the old woman is the reason why the lady is having drawbacks in her pursuits.

What can you say on this readers? Is it right on whatsoever case to beat one’s mother?

Well, watch the video in the link below and comment here on your view to the horrible act.

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Watch the video:



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