Is Rev. Fr. Mbaka Now A Political Godfather?

Looking at recent statements and prophecies by the Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, Leader of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, southeast Nigeria, one could conclude that the priest has turned to a political godfather.

It could be recalled that Fr. Mbaka has accused former Imo State Governor, Emeka Ihedoha, who was sent out of office by the Supreme Court, that the embattled governor has no regards to him and his message. Stating that nobody attacks a priest and go scot-free.

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Fr. Mbaka in his reaction after Hope Uzodinma of All Progressive Member was declared the winner of the Imo State election which sacked Ihedioha said;

“What’s the distance from Imo state to Enugu, that after given the message on 31st night, Ihedioha cannot come to adoration and seek for God’s intervention, rather he embarked on attacking and castigating the message and the messenger; tell me the person that attacked a genuine man of God and went scot-free?

“What I am doing here is extraordinary and unadulterated, it is not by a power neither by might, the way Peter Obi attacked the message I gave him which later put him in this present political quagmire was the way Ihedioha also attacked me”

He added by saying; 

“I think that when a message like that is given the right thing to do is to ask the prophet what to do to avert it.”

In the same vein, Fr. Mbaka in one of his statement recently has accused former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan of making attempts to bribe him in preparation for the 2015 Presidential election.

The priest so far has been so close and trendy to politics than the ministerial work.

Should Christian Leader, in general, meddle into politics?

Is Father Mbaka truly a godfather? What do you think of his actions and engagements with politics so far?

Please share your view in the comment section below.


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