Jessica Ditzel Net Worth: Biography, Age, Family, Career, and Facts About Joe Rogan’s Wife

This article contains the life history and biography of Jessica Ditzel who is popularly referred to as Joe Rogan’s wife.

Jessica Sloan Ditzel is a former model, accountant executive, product analyst. She is the wife of Joe Rogan, the popular Ultimate Fate Championship(UFC) commentator. The two couples are married with 3 children and currently lives in California.

Continue reading the biography of Jessica Ditzel to learn more about her including her career, personal relationship, and net worth.

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Jessica Ditzel who is popularly known as Joe Rogan’s wife

Family Background and Education

Jessica Sloan Ditzel whom everyone knows as Joe Rogan’s wife was born on the 18th of July, 1975 in Sugarland, Texas in the United States. The 46-year-old former model was the daughter of the popular Jeff Conrad Ditzel, a popular musician from Ditch Pickles band.

She also has an elder sister, Trinity Carver-Ditzel who was born in 1973. They later moved to Houston from Sugarland when Jessica was 13 years old.

She graduated from Doherty Spring high school and later proceeded to California State University to get her bachelor’s degree.


After graduating from California State University, Jessica Ditzel started working as a Cocktail waitress in a restaurant. This is where Joe Rogan met with her. They started dating and get engaged later in 2008.

Jessica Ditzel also worked with EM Model management in 2013. She worked with different brands including Wholesome, a Korean brand. In 2013, she started working as a product analyst under Volvo motorsport.

Family and Personality

Jessica Ditzel is a practicing Christian and a mother of 3 children namely; Kayja Nichole Connor, Lola, and Rose. The first two daughters are for his current husband, Joe Rogan. While her first daughter, Kayja Nichole Connor is from her previous relationship with the late Kevin Connor, an R&B musician popularly known as Dino who died in a car crash in 2003.

Jessica Ditzel and her Husband, Joe Rogan

Even though the relationship ended with Kevin as far back as 1998, they had a daughter together whom Joe Rogan later adopted after their marriage. Kayja Nichole Connor is currently following in her father’s footsteps and she is also building a career in music.

Jessica Ditzel’s first daughter, Kyja Nichole Connor

With over 16,000 followers on social media, Kayja Nichole Connor has sung these songs; Paper Thin, Differences, Numb, Lies, Honey, Mental, All That Jazz, Such a Mess, Self, Sabotage, Deceiving, Say, Less, Freak, Virgo, Sleepless, Bad, Behavior, Down For You, Selfish, Holding On, and Mdma. She also loves her father as she always posts his pictures online with prayers

Jessica Ditzel is usually mistaken for Jessica Schimmel but they are two different people entirely even though they graduated from the same school. Jessica Schimmel is a TV producer at Howard Stern Show.

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Jessica Ditzel Net Worth

Taking into consideration her house and different cars including Mercedes Benz, Porsche 911, and others, Jessica Ditzel’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million while her husband’s net worth is estimated to be worth $100 million.