Jobs You Can Create With Little Or No Capital

Its now a popular saying in Nigeria that there are no jobs in the country, that the government is not doing good enough to provide a job for the youths.

I forbid you to join them in that saying. There are lots of jobs in the country. Just that many people don’t think outside the box.

The problem many people are facing today is not because they have never thought of a business, it is because they thought of a business and never attempt it because of fear of failing along the line. Some immediately they understand that the business will cost them much, boom! they cut off from the plan and look for cheap money-making business.

Well, as many big entrepreneurs, business mogul you can ever think of, none of them start really big, most of them start very small and later grow bigger to what you see today.

To cut the story short, there are business/jobs you can create for yourself in Nigeria with very little or at no cost.

1. Consultant:

Anytime the word consultancy is mentioned, the first thing that runs on people’s mind is that you must be highly educated, connected or have an office. No, I say No.

Take for instance you leave around the student environment, you can package yourself and liaise with house owners in the area, especially those erecting new structures. Meet them tell them who you are, let them know you can help them manage and get students that will book the new hostels, occupy it when finished. In the end, they pay you for your efforts.

On this kind of work, all it requires is your trustworthiness, smartness and good relationship.

Also, helping people buy goods in bulk from the wholesale. You receive your money after delivery.

2. Online Consulting:

I know of a lady that does not have a shop, never does she sell anything, but she earns big.

All she did was to make a business card for selling building materials. Her office is online, all she does is to introduce people to what she can help them get. e.g Plumbing materials, tiles, kitchen kits, 3D wallpaper etc.

She reduces your stress by just telling you the cost, help you get it by herself at a normal price and she receives interest from the main seller because she has helped them in marketing their product.

She lives large like a real business person. pick a challenge today and start something like this. It only requires your sincerity, small capital for transportations in case client demands to pay at the point of delivery.

3. Graphics Design

Well, when it comes to graphics design, you may need a very good laptop or phone to work with. A laptop of at least N30,000 can help you do graphics work.

On the contrary, mobile phones nowadays can be used to do graphics work. I recall that I have once used my Techno S9 to snap pictures in Church or wedding programmes, use Pics Art Studio Software to edit the pictures and go to the photo studio for printing.

The studio print for me then at N40, N30 depending on how many photos to be printed. I charge people for N150 per photo that does not need editing, then edited one for N200. Imagine a day I have like 50 or 100 photos. Whether its edited version or unedited, the interest is huge when added. Jobs like this earn you much.

4. Writing

Just like Opera News Hub has given thousands of writers opportunity to expand their reach through content writing, and as well make some money through it; so also is other blogs, sites looking for people who can write for them and pay them good money.

You can become a freelance writer from the corner of your room. Schedule your time and make cool money writing for people.

People receive thousands of naira doing this job, make your own earning too.

Develop your writing skill, this is good for you. It only requires your intellect, good English and creativity.

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5. Coaching

What is that skill you have that you have been looking for an organisation to employ you? Why waste your time waiting for employment when you can actually create one?

Are you good at dancing? Then why not coach people who want to dance?

Are you good at singing? Lots of people need someone to teach them all those scaling and slores.

Are you good at a school subject? Why waste knowledge when you can earn from it?

Are you good at cooking? There are married and unmarried women out there looking for who to teach them how to make for good meals.

Can you do artwork, why can’t you start with that little board in your room, show people what you have got.

Unfortunately, many people use the whole of their time on social media nagging and making funs of others who are already ahead of them. The question is, what has that benefited you?

Create Job not search for jobs.

Take a deep breath, think and think again, there are many opportunities around you. Discover them, start on them and I bet you that you are the next Millionaire, Billionaire Nigeria has been looking for.


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