Lucrative Business Ideas for Music lovers

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is no joke and one of the highly followed niches in the industry is the music sector. Thanks to the Nigerian artist for giving their fanatics good and enjoyable music. Hence, for music lovers, it doesn’t mean you must be a musician before you work and make money in the music world. As such, below are 7 behind-the-scenes lucrative jobs opportunities music lovers can do.

  1. Recording Engineer

Being a music lover,  you can become a recording engineer where you’ll be editing, and mixing sound for music companies. You’ll be responsible for managing the artistic plus the technical area of the recording session.

  1. Video and Sound Engineers

One of the highest paying job opportunities in the music industry is Video and sound engineering. As a video and sound engineering, you’ll be charged with the responsibility of creating the voice and sound effects for video games.

  1. Music Director

Being a music director, your major work is to be leading and directing choirs and orchestras. You select and also arrange music for the artist during performers. Not limited to that, the music director also leads rehearsals prior to live performances.

  1. Disc Joker (DJ)

This is one of the lucrative job music lovers can do to make money. After all, the DJs who bring life into parties, entertain crowds with the help of their music and beats mastery. You can begin this job by taking on local events first, through that, you stand the chance to meet new people who may connect you up with the big guns in the industry.

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  1. Music Teacher

Music teachers share their music skills with their musically inclined students. Doing this job as a music lover means you are helping students grow and managing their musical talents into something fundamental. Why don’t you try this out and see the joy of helping others grow?

  1. Music Journalist

If your love for music is too deep that you can’t afford to miss a single thread in the entertainment industry, you may become a music journalist to satisfy the curiosity mind in you. As a music lover, you can establish a steady financial flow by writing for media houses magazine.

This job will provide you the opportunity to cover concerts, meet artists one on one and review new albums.

  1. Music Agent

Becoming a music agent means you are managing the artist day to day activities. Being a music agent or manager as they are popularly known,  your work is to help musicians handle their contracts, events, contact, social media presence and all other opportunities that may ply their way day in day out.

Not limited to the above listed, music managers also help their clients in promoting their songs, shows, albums and a lot more.

In conclusion, remember that music is an art and as such, all the job opportunities available in the music industry are art that you can learn to get started.


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