Kano Govt Plots Fresh Move Against Emir Sanusi

Kano Govt Plots Fresh Move Against Emir Sanusi

Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission has said it is considering its options against the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II.

9jatoday recalls that the Supreme Court of the State, chaired by Judge Suleiman Baba Na Mallam, last Wednesday, prevented the agency from releasing any further complaints against Emir Sanusi.

Judge Baba Na Mallam granted leave to Emir Sanusi’s lawyer, Suraj Sa, ida (SAN), to file an ex parte request, which asked the court to stop the anti-corruption agency from continuing its investigation against Sanusi for alleged misappropriation of more than N3.5 billion of funds.

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The money allegedly embezzled by Emir Sanusi would have been appropriated to the Kano Emirate council by the Kano state government.

Recall that the Emir of Kano had asked the State Supreme Court to reject a report made by the president of the Kano State Anti-Corruption Commission, Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado, who claimed that the Emir had embezzled more than N3.4 billion.

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In another decision, last Friday, Judge O. A. Egwuatu of the Supreme Federal Court in Kano rejected the commission’s preliminary report recommending the suspension of Emir Sanusi pending investigations into alleged financial misappropriation of the emirate’s account.

Reacting to the court’s rulings in a statement released on Monday, Commission President Muhyi Magaji-Rimingado said the anti-corruption agency had received copies of the ruling.

He said that having studied the ruling, “it is our understanding that the Deputy presided over Justice O.A. Egwuata did not prevent the Commission from further investigating the case and / or from submitting a report after hearing the applicant.

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“Consequently, the Commission has two options to consider: first, to appeal the sentence, as there are several grounds for appeal.

“Second, continue with the investigation since the case was decided and invite the Emir to comply with the Court’s decision.”

“The Commission is exploring appropriate options at its disposal, as the matter is still under investigation,” added Magaji-Rimingado


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