Khanyi Mbau Net Worth and Biography – Age, Career, Relationship, Houses & Cars

Khanyi Mbau Net Worth is estimated to be $10 million and is a popular, young, and wealthy African. The South African actress who is famous for dating affluent men and living a luxurious lifestyle was born on 15th October 1985.

Despite dating rich men, Khanyi Mbau is a hardworking woman who builds her career to be an award-winning actress, TV media star, businesswoman, and writer. She rose to fame after featuring in Muvhango in 2004. Khanyi Mbau is a single mother with a 16 years old daughter, Khahukani.

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Early Life and Background

Khanyisile Mbau who is professionally referred to as Khanyi Mbau was born in Soweto, South Africa on October 15, 1985. She was born to Lynette Mbau (mother) and Menzi Mcunu (father).

Khanyi’s mother was working at Barclays Bank’s Pension Fund at the time of dating her father.

The two were never married even when Khanyi Mbau was conceived. Since they were not married, Khanyi Mbau retained her mother’s surname while her father was only allowed to give her the name ‘Khanyisile’.

After giving birth to her, Lynette leaves Khanyi with her parents to resume working. Hence, Khanyi Mbau was raised by her grandparents instead of her parents in Soweto.

Khanyisile Mbau, popular South African actress, TV media personality, writer, businesswoman


Khanyi Mbau started as an actress on the soap opera Muvhango in 2004. She acted as the second Doobsie after the former actress Lidinwe Chibi was relieved of her role. At age 19, Khanyi Mbau became popular for acting in the SABC Soap opera. This lands her many other numerous acting deals.

Also, she was featured in the second season as Mbali in 2006. Likewise in 2007, she acted in the soap opera mini-series ‘After 9’. Further, she was on the show as a guest judge ‘Turn It Out’ in 2012.


This turned out to be the beginning of her acting as she was featured in many drama series like Ekasi; Our Stories. Movies like Ashes to Ashes, Father Like Son, and Happiness is a Four Letter Words also featured her talented acting skills.

Apart from being an actress, Khanyi Mbau is a Media host. In 2016, she hosted ‘Whose Show Is It Anyway with top entertainers like Somizi Mhongo and Ntombi Ngcobo on Metro FM for almost a year. In addition, Khanyi Mbau created her brand of gin which she called ‘I am Khanyi – Millenaia Shimmer’ gin in 2018.

She also ventures into the music industry even though it wasn’t as successful as acting. Khanyi Mbau has produced many songs in Afro-pop and hip-hop genres. Some of her songs include Izondo, Crazy, I Miss You, Red Shoes, Igwinya, Ubobalela, Dunusa, Shake, and so on.

Awards and Recognitions

Khanyi Mbau is a popular and award-winning South African actress who has been nominated times without a number for her contribution to the industry. She won the South African International Film Academy Award as the Best Actress in 2019.

Khanyi Mbau Husband and Relationship

Khanyi Mbau got married to her ex-husband, Mandla Mthembu in 2006. The union gives birth to a daughter, Khahukani before the duo got divorced in 2009.

The marriage hits the rocks after Mandla Mthembu kicked her out of the luxurious hotel they were living in. He accused Khanyi Mbau of cheating while the actress also claimed he physically abused her.

Khanyi Mbau with her ex-husband, Mandla Mthembu
Khanyi Mbau with her daughter, Khahukani

Since the duo parted ways, Khanyi Mbau has been in many other relationships which were not successful. She dated Theunis Crous who is a married man.

As reported by many media outlets, Theunis brought her a car and rent a flat for her before they got separated. She was also reported to have dated a musician Tebogo Lerole and now a Zimbabwe business magnate, Kudzai Mashonga.

Going by her history of dating, Khanyi Mbau is known for dating only rich men who can afford luxuries and spending on her. This earned her numerous names like Gold-digger from social media trolls.

Khanyi Mbau Social Media

Being a popular media personality, Khanyi Mbau is active on many social media platforms. You can follow her on Instagram @mbaureloaded and Twitter @MbauReloaded

Khanyi Mbau Net Worth

Being one of the richest South African celebrities, Khanyi Mbau net worth is estimated to be $10.


What is Khanyi Mbau famous for?

Depending on how and where you know her, Khanyi Mbau is famous for many things. She is popular for her role in Muvhango, a SABC Soap opera. Also, many fans know her for her luxurious lifestyle and flashy wear while some trolls dragged her for dating only affluent men.

How old is Khanyi Mbau?

Khanyi Mbau’s age is 36 years old and she will be 37 by October 2022.

How old is Khanyi Mbau’s daughter?

Khanyi Mbau’s daughter, Khahukani was born in 2006. Hence, she is 16 years old.

Who is Khanyi Mbau ex-husband?

Khanyi Mbau was previously married to Mandla Mthembu before they got separated in 2009.

What is Khanyi Mbau net worth?

Khanyi Mbau net worth is estimated to be $10 million.