Rose Bundy Biography and Net Worth – New Name, Kids and Where She is Now

Rose Bundy who is popularly known as Ted Bundy’s daughter is currently living a quiet life as a result of her father’s heinous crime. The American woman was born by Ted Bundy,(a popular serial killer) and Carol Anne Bonne on the 24th of October 1982. She was born while her father was in prison and raised by her mother. Rose Bundy is also known as Rosa Bundy.

Want to find more on how Rose Bundy was conceived and other interesting details? Continue reading Rose Bundy’s biography and net worth to find out more about Ted Bundy’s daughter’s history.

Rose Bundy Bio

Full name: Rose Bundy
Date of birth:
October 24, 1982
Rosa Bundy, Ted’s Bundy Daughter
Ted Bundy
Carol Anne Boone
Place of birth:
Florida, United States
Current residence:

Early Life and Background

Rose Bundy (Rosa Bundy) became popular after being born to Ted Bundy who is a popular American Serial killer and kidnapper on 24th October 1982. She was born by Carol Anne Bonne, Ted Bundy’s wife who previously believes her husband was innocent of the crimes.

Ted Bundy with his wife and daughter

Rose is the only daughter of her parents although she has one sibling from her mother. Her half-brother, James Boone was from her mother’s previous relationship.

Although, Ted Bundy was in a relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer who had a daughter known as Molly before his arrest. However, Rose Bundy remains Ted Bundy’s biological daughter and first child. Check out Julia Rose Biography – Age, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Facts

Rose Bundy as Ted Bundy’s Daughter

Ted Bundy was an American Serial Killer who was executed in 1989 for kidnapping, raping, and killing young girls, ladies, and women. Before his execution, his wife Carol Anne Bonne who believed in Ted Bundy was said to have visited him and supported him.

Ted Bundy, an American Popular Serial killer

It was during this period that Rosa Bundy was conceived. There were many rumors about how Rose was conceived even though no one knows how. Some believe it was through conjugal rights after the bribing of the Correctional officer that Rose was born among many other rumors.

In 1986, Carol Anne divorced Ted Bundy after he confessed to his crimes. According to many reports, she was shocked and she avoid picking up his calls. Ted Bundy was later executed for his crime in 1989.

Where is Rose Bundy Now?

Picture of Rosa Bundy, Ted’s Bundy daughter

Due to her father’s crime, Rosa Bundy known as Ted Bundy’s daughter has lived a quiet life since she was born. After her father’s execution, Rose lived with her mother who was later in a retirement home in Washington in 2018.

Further, She has tried to evade the prying eyes of the public by changing her name and where she lives. Rose Bundy’s new name is Abraham Graffin which she bears while living in Britain as a housewife with kids.

A lot of movies and shows have tried to replicate the life history of Ted Bundy and his family. Some of them include The Stranger Beside Me (Anne Rule, 1980), The Only Living Witness (Stephen G. Michaud, 1993), Ted Bundy (2002), Fry Day (2017), Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (2019).

At most, these movies were able to show only blurry images of Ted Bundy’s daughter and wife as her real image is not easy to get. This is owing to the private life she lived.

Rose Bundy Net Worth

Rosa Bundy has been living a quiet life as a result of her father, Ted Bundy’s crime. The little information about her is that she lives as a housewife with kids in Britain. Thus her net worth remains unknown.


Is Rose Bundy Ted’s Biological Daughter?

Yes, Rose Bundy is only the biological daughter and child of Ted Bundy. Thus, the popular nickname of Ted Bundy’s daughter was given to Rose.

How was Rose Bundy Conceived?

It is general knowledge that Rose was born while her father was in the prison after her mother’s marriage to the crime during his trial in court. How Rose was conceived remains a mystery even though there are a lot of rumors circulating. A lot of people believe she was conceived through conjugal rights but no one knows for sure.

Did Rose Bundy change her name?

Yes, Rosa Bundy does not only change her residence, but she also changes her name while trying to live a quiet life. Rose Bundy’s new name was reported to be Abraham Graffin.

Where is Rose Bundy today?

Rosa Bundy is currently living a quiet life in Britain as a housewife with kids. She bears the name Abraham Graffin while trying to avoid the haunting and shadow of her father’s crime.