Legal Technology Hacks That You Probably Didn’t Know About

There are a lot of legal technology hacks that are necessary for our everyday use of computers and smartphones. They are ways we can bypass or use a part of some technologies that we weren’t probably aware existed. Here are a couple of life technology hacks that can make your life much easier;

  • When you intend to book a flight or a hotel online, clear the cookies before you start searching, or you can shop in Incognito mode, for much lower prices.
  • To the equally split sound of your music when sharing your headphones with another person, turn on the Mono audio on your phone.
  • When you save an Excel file as an.XLSB file will shrink the size by half or approximately 75%.
  • If your neighbor’s incessant alarm doesn’t stop ringing, and the owner has refused to get up and put it off, you can call his/her phone number to turn it off for them.
  • If your office printer has run out of black ink, you can change the font color to #010101 for 99% gray color.
  • Do you have in your possession an old cassette case lying around? Don’t throw it out, use it as a holder or a stand for your mobile phone.
  • To bypass a block on a website by either an office or school, use Google Translate as the required proxy by pasting the URL of the site into it and enjoy browsing.
  • The easiest way to make your smartphone’s speaker volume much louder is to put it in an empty cup.
  • To check if batteries are bad or good, Bounce the batteries, the higher they go, the lower the charge they have within them.
  • Do not throw away the box your phone came in. They are perfect, secure storage spaces to keep charging cables and earphones you intend to keep with you while on the road.
  • To be sure that sure someone is not giving you a fake or wrong number, read the number to them incorrectly and wait to see if they naturally correct you. If they do, then it’s probably the right number.
  • To download a YouTube video without any app, insert the letters “ss”, after www. And also before
  • When you are playing a mobile game, the best way to stop ads is to play the game in Airplane Mode.
  • Darker themes or wallpaper can help save 6%-8% of battery life for mobile phones with AMOLED screens.

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  • The best search engine for college assignments or academic assignments is not Use for an unlimited number of scholarly articles. Try adding “PDF” to find downloadable copies.
  • To proofread a very long essay, paste the article in Google Translate and listen to it. This would make it easier to see mistakes, and the tool itself can help you see minor typos.
  • When you save your PowerPoint presentation as.PPS instead of the regular. PPT, your file automatically goes directly into slideshow mode when you open it.
  • Want to charge your phone faster? Put it in Airplane Mode.
  • Does someone need to use your iPhone to make a call? And you don’t want them snooping around, Use Siri from the lock screen to enable phone call. The person will have no access to any other app on your phone this way.
  • Laptop batteries can last a lot longer if you charge them up to only 80% instead of the full charge at 100%.

No doubt some of these legal technology hacks might seem untrue It usually is, but it becomes clear and amazing when you try it out.


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