Android vs iOS – The Similarities and Differences

Android vs iOS

We all need our phones for various purposes ranging from making calls and taking pictures to more advanced purposes like GPS trackers. It all comes in various sizes, specifications and price range according to your needs. Android OS vs iOS have been major players in the smartphone world and they contribute to the largest percentage of phone users today with manufacturers like Samsung, iTEL, Techno, etc all making use of the Android OS while we have the iPhone using the iOS.

I am an advocate of sticking to the one that you feel best works for you, so I am not going to argue on which is the best, I will be objective in my views as I highlight some comparison below.

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The Differences: Android vs iOS.

There may be numerous reason why you chose the smartphone you use


If you are a low-income earner and you want a modest phone without spending a fortune, then Android enabled phone will best suit your needs.

Custom ROM:

The android phone allows you to root your phone and install a new version operating system and a wide range of customization which iOS doesn’t have the functionality though at times it can backfire and expose your phone to a lot of risks.


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Dual Sim Card:

You can opt for a dual sim card or even a triple sim card in an android phone if you hate the inconveniences of carrying multiple phones… a feat impossible in an iPhone.

Ease of file Transfer:

You enjoy the ease of Bluetooth file transfers, Bluetooth headset, handsfree, etc in android phones which is complicated most times in iPhones.

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Memory Space:

The android phones afford you of the use of Memory card space allowing you expansion of up to 128Gb to stuff movies, music, memorable events and most importantly business videos. There’s even 256Gb SD in the making. iPhones don’t allow this it operates on an inbuilt memory.

User Experience

Research has shown that iOS has a better user experience than android phones, hence that contributes to its high market price.

The similarities and differences are numerous, but like everyone knows you choose a phone based on your specific needs and affordability.


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