Models’ Salary Scale: How Much Do Models Earn in Nigeria?

Are you among those searching for how much do models earn in Nigeria? Or how much do they pay models? If you are just getting started as a model you need to know how much models get paid. This article will expose you to the right information as well as the different types of modeling in Nigeria with their salary.

Modeling is one of the lucrative jobs in the Nigerian fashion industry. Many top models have helped in developing the industry with their skills. Hence, many young men and ladies can now go into the industry earning huge money either as part-time or full-time workers.

Models mainly sell products and services using both physical and sexual appeal to different audiences. If you aspire to become a model, you must be youthful, beautiful, tall, curvy, bold, and physically fit for it. As these are part of what many top modeling agencies look for in models.

Modeling is an intriguing career as you will have the opportunity of meeting many people in different places. Like every other career, it takes effort, dedication, and time to be successful at it. It can be sometimes draining and difficult but be rest assured it comes with huge salaries, fame, and fantastic opportunities.

Enough of talking about how lucrative modeling is, let’s get down to the number of salary models get paid in Nigeria.

How Much Do Models Earn in Nigeria?

Models earn generally based on the types of modeling area they focused on, the modeling agency they are signed to, brands, and modeling jobs. Some modeling agencies pay their models higher than others.

Examples of those top modeling agencies include; Fowler Models, Wave modeling agency, Beth modeling agency, Exquisite Models, Y-ray models, and so on. Many full-body models also earn more than face models.

Below is the average salary of models in Nigeria with different types of modeling they major in.

1. Runaway Models – (N20,000 to N80,000)

How much does a Runaway model earn in Nigeria? Runaway modeling is one of the most popular types of modeling in Nigeria. And the models are paid handsomely for their beauty and skills.

A Runaway model who just gets started or at an entry-level in the career earns between N20,000 to N80,000 on average per event. This depends on the modeling agency, events, and recruiter.

Even though not everyone can be a Runaway model as there are usually specifications about height, body, physique, and shape of the model required. Bear in mind that Runaway models are mostly used by fashion designers to showcase their designs and fashion works in shows, events, or workshops.

2. Commercial Models -(N100,000 to N5,000,000)

How much does a Commercial model earn in Nigeria? Commercial models seem to be one of the highest-paying types of modeling in Nigeria. Commercial models work based on contracts with brands helping them in promoting their goods and services to the audience.

They get paid hugely, depending on the model’s popularity, the company’s net worth, and the products to be advertised. Of course, this type of modeling does not require any specific body size or shape. The most important factor considered is the influencing or pulling power of the model.

Most Commercial model earns between N100,000 to N5,000,000 or even more than that.

3. Glamour Models -(N5,000 to N60,000)

How much are Glamour models paid in Nigeria? Glamour models are locally referred to as Event Ushers. They are used at high-profile events where they are paid for looking attractive and presentable to top figures. They mainly usher top figures and guests attending the event to the right seat or places.

Most Glamour models or ushers are mostly undergraduates or even secondary school leavers who earned between N5,000 to N60,000 per event. The amount earned will depend on the recruiter and the events.

4. Fashion/ Editorial Models – (N20,000 to N150,000)

Fashion Models or editorials are mostly featured on fashion blogs, magazines, websites, social media, and newspaper pages. They usually sell particular products or services on any of these aforementioned platforms using their sexual appeal.

Like Runaway models, they usually require a particular body shape and height. Not just anyone can be a fashion or editorial model. Fashion models or Editorial models earn between N20,000 to N150,000 per feature. This will depend on the models’ popularity and the platform. Apart from the bodily requirements, it’s the least stressful out of the types of modeling in Nigeria.

5. Fitness Models – (N15,000 to N90,000)

This type of modeling is quite unpopular compares to other types of modeling. To be a fitness model, you must be physically fit with an athletic body whether you are a lady or a man.

Most fitness models spend a lot of time in gyms to be physically fit. They promote body fitness equipment, sport wears, energy drinks, and other fitness-related products and services. Fitness models earn between N15,000 to N90,000 for a shoot.

Even though these are the current salary earned by models in Nigeria. We want you to have in mind that some models earn below while some earn above it. It all depends on the model, the modeling agency the model is signed to, and other factors. We hope you now know how much models earn in Nigeria. Read Also: Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Models In Nigeria