10 Top Fashion Blogs in Nigeria(2021 Updates)

alt-fashion blogs in Nigeria

The fashion industry is one of the industries in Nigeria with a massive audience. Giving rise to many fashion blogs in Nigeria.

Nigerians, especially women love fashion and all other aesthetic activities.

There are many successful Nigerian fashion bloggers who have gone ahead to create trendy top fashion blogs in Nigeria. Showcasing African’s culture and styles to the whole world using their skills and knowledge.

Are you a fashion enthusiast who wants to stay informed with the latest Nigerian fashion style trends? Here are the top fashion blogs in Nigeria that can keep you abreast.

10 Top Fashion Blogs in Nigeria, 2021.

1. Bella Naija

This is the most popular and the best fashion blog in Nigeria. Bella Naija was founded by Uche Pedro in 2006. The Nigeria fashion blog which has its headquarters in Lagos has about 200 million impressions every month. Due to its massive audience and authority in the niche, Wikipedia has a page of the blog adding to its relevance.

Bella Naija has many sections including;
1. Bella Naija Weddings – Where Latest Nigerian bridal styles are showcased.
2. Bella Naija style – where trending fashion styles from Owanbes and traditional outfits are revealed.

Articles, magazines, pictures, and interviews of Nigerian celebrities are also featured by the Nigerian fashion blog.
Visit bellanaija.com to know more about the blog or follow them on Instagram @bellanaija.

2. Onobellow

This is also one of the top fashion blogs in Nigeria with huge followers and audience. They mainly focus on creating awareness of the latest trend in the fashion world.

Onobellow has a weekly event popularly known as OB Fashionista where new and trendy Nigerian styles are revealed.

3. Svelte magazines

This is another top fashion blog in Nigeria, with the aim of updating the world with the latest Nigerian fashion styles and outfits.

The Nigerian fashion blog focuses on hair, makeup, skincare, and other aesthetic features that can improve your looks. If you are a fashionista or a key developer in the fashion industry, Svelte magazines are your go-to fashion blog.

Svelte magazines also promote the works of Nigerians designers, hairstylists, models, makeup artists, bag makers, and another important contributor’s in the industry.

4. One Nigerian Boy

This is one of the rare top fashion blogs in Nigeria that focuses on men’s fashion styles and outfits. The Nigerian blog is known by most men even though it also deals with women’s fashion and African latest styles.

Terrence Sambo, a famous Nigerian fashion blogger is the founder of One Nigerian Boy Blog. You can visit onenigeriaboy.blogspot.com for more details.

5. Jadore Fashion

Jadore Fashion is one of the best fashion blogs in Nigeria, that gives updates on what to wear and combine together for its Nigerian audience. Stella Uzo, the founder of Jadore fashion gives a lot of fashion tips to both males and females. The Nigerian fashion blog also interviews celebrities on Red Carpets. Visit jadorefashion.com to follow celebrities’ interviews and fashion.

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6. Style raves

When it comes to fashion trends, the latest African style, fashion outfits, innovative lifestyle, Style rave is one of the best fashion blogs in Nigeria to look out for.

The fashion blog aims at bridging the gap between the fashion world and African fashion. They also help to showcase the African traditional wears and attire in a refined way to the global audience.

7. Fashion Engineer

Fashion Engineer is also one of the top fashion blogs in Nigeria. The Nigeria blog specializes in video tutorials using it to educate Nigerians about fashion, beauty tips, makeup, and skincare.

Mostly, they focus on fashion and beauty ideas. Visit www.fashionengineer.com to watch their videos.

8. Natural Nigerian

This Nigerian fashion blog which was created in 2011, focuses mainly on hair care and styling. We are all aware of how important hairstyles and care is to fashion and beauty.

Natural Nigerian blog gives ladies tips on how to grow hair naturally. Natural hair products are also available for purchase for followers. Visit naturalnigerians.com to know more about their products.

9. Glamosphere

Glamosphere is one of the top fashion blogs in Nigeria. The Nigerian blog deals with makeup and fashion, giving professional help to women on how to improve their beauty. They give fashion tips and gist to their followers.

Like the natural Nigerian blog, they also sell products like hair treatment, lipstick, powder, and skincare products to their audience.

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10. Mainly.ng

Without mentioning mainly.ng fashion blog, the list of the top fashion blogs in Nigeria won’t be complete. Mainly.ng is a Nigerian fashion blog with expertise in revealing the latest Nigerian fashion outfits and styles.

These include Ankara’s latest styles, Asoebi trendy outfits, African traditional designs, suits, trousers, designer shirts, and ties.

The blogs listed above are top-trendy blogs most Nigeria fashionista follows. If you want to be current concerning African styles and outfits, follow any of the blogs listed above.


  1. Glamcityz[.]com, stylerave[.]com should also be added to the list, they are one of Nigerians top fashion sites. I personally love their contents


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