The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Among the most visited countries, some places always end up being left out. How about exploring the most beautiful cities in the world? Going beyond the obvious, we want to highlight those places that may go unnoticed at first glance but deserve your due attention.

Paris, Melbourne, Quebec, Rio de Janeiro, Boston … these are just a few examples of big cities that could appear on the lists of the most beautiful or the most charming. Fame they already have to spare!

However, among the small notables, here we have a selection of different cities, from those that do not usually appear in the main itineraries. Surrounded by natural wonders and lavishing a lot, but a lot of charm and authenticity, our 10 most beautiful cities in the world go beyond what you imagine.

Most Beautiful Cities In The World

#1. Spell o – Italy

Next to Perugia, which hosts a famous Chocolate Festival, the charming Spello is among the fortifications. The architecture still bears traces and ruins of the Roman Empire. The views are breathtaking! And the alleys, an invitation to get lost among flower boxes, bars, cafes, restaurants, and churches built between the 11th and 13th centuries.

2. Giethoorn – Netherlands

Have you heard of “Venice of the North”? So it is called Giethoorn, a Dutch city connected by canals and bridges. The peaceful village just 90 km away from Amsterdam has a bucolic landscape, full of vegetation and flowery houses.

Visitors stroll by boat, on foot, or by bicycle, stopping at cafes and shops that hover over the water. In winter the scenery becomes more dramatic and the fun is due to the ice skating rink that forms in the canals. Giethoorn is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

3. Hoi An – Vietnam

The illuminated Hoi An was known for the hundreds of balloon-like lanterns hanging in the shopping center. It is there for traders to sell and tourists to admire them at nightfall. On full moon nights, a festival to attract good fluids gives lanterns another look.

The city on the banks of the river Thu Bon has many charming views, starting with temples and historic pagodas that are considered World Heritage by UNESCO. Japanese and French-style houses, legacies of the influences that fate has gone through, also draw attention.

4. Hallstatt – Austria

North of Austria is Hallstatt, a village founded 7,000 years ago. With less than a thousand inhabitants, it has cinematographic scenarios that border on perfection.

Among the icy mountains of the Austrian Alps are small houses, a small church, and commerce based on artisanal products, mostly. In addition to a city tour on a weekend, including a visit to the salt mine, which is the oldest in the world.

5. Colonia del Sacramento – Uruguay

The oldest city in Uruguay is also one of the most adorable. Dating from the 17th century, the Colony has a picturesque setting due to the conservation of the Historic Center, a central region that surpasses the barriers of time.

Under Portuguese influence, the buildings resemble those of Paraty (RJ) and the municipalities of Minas Gerais. To stretch the tour, visitors can visit islands, wineries, and vineyards in the surroundings.

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6. Chefchaouen – Morocco

The African continent is full of wonders. Among them, Chefchaouen stands out as the “blue city” of Moroccans. The endless alleys and the color of the sky, which is a heritage of the Jews, attract visitors.

The buildings were erected in 1471. One of the main attractions of the region is the local handicrafts, such as weaving, basketry, and ceramics.

7. Banff Town – Canada

Banff National Park has one of the most beautiful and coveted landscapes in all of North America. The city that receives tourists, in the province of Alberta, is not far behind in terms of beauty, starting with the monumental mountain that rises on the main thoroughfare in the center. 

From it came restaurants and bars with cuisines from other parts of the world, as well as comfortable accommodations. It is a place to enjoy nature, be it hiking, watching the lights of the northern lights, extreme sports, thermal waters, boat trips, and even open-air cinema, with sessions on the lawn.

8. Afuá – Brazil

Many people are unaware of this jewel of the North, but here we have a city built on stilts and wooden structures that support an entire community above a river. Without access to cars, residents of Amsterdam in the Tropics only walk or cycle.

Colorful buildings amidst typical Amazonian vegetation are an added charm of the area near Ilha do Marajó. And, of course, regional cuisine cannot be left out of the trip.

Every July, the Shrimp Festival is celebrated, which comes fresh from freshwater straight to the appetizing dishes that only northerners know how to make.

9. Ljubljana – Slovenia

One of the smallest capitals of the Old Continent is also one of the most exciting. Crossed by a river of clear water, Ljubljana seems to have emerged from a modern fairy tale.

Surrounded by exuberant nature, the city oozes culture and quality of life, with a considerable number of attractions for the whole family.

Whether resting in the park, enjoying the bars with tables on the sidewalk, visiting museums, or paddling stand-up paddles on the lake, the public finds ways to have fun and be enchanted.

10. Alaçati – Turkey

The small village founded in the middle of 1850 on the Çeşme peninsula has typical Mediterranean landscapes, similar to those of Greece. And it is not by chance that this memory exists, as it was the Greek families who arrived there to work.

Get lost in the alleys with white stone houses and colorful details, cafes, restaurants, and shops. Windsurfers frequent the region, which has favorable winds and calm waves in the charmingly blue sea.

It is definitely one of the mandatory stops in Turkey, full of good boutique hotels to welcome tourists.

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