The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

Do you wish to know the most beautiful cities in Africa? In this post, we have listed the top 10 most beautiful cities in Africa, the countries which these cities are and what makes them a top choice for tourists.

The African continent is not just about impressive animals, impressive deserts and beautiful savannas. It is also home to amazing cities and towns that are rich in history and culture.

African cities are worth taking into account when making a tour because of the various unique and beautiful places in it like cultures, the rivers/lakes, traditions and modern places that has that African touch. We have selected ten of them.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

Below is the complete list of the most charming places in Africa;

1. Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town - The most beautiful city in Africa
Cape Town Port. Eric Bauer (Flickr)

The geographical location of the South African legislative capital is already reason enough to visit it. In fact, it is the most visited city in all of Africa, where modernity mixes with nature (with its Table Mountain) and with the sea (and its famous port). Very close to there is also Robben Island (the seal island) where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

No doubt, Cape Town is the most beautiful city in Africa, it is a vibrant and colourful city with stunning beaches, beautiful mountains and some of Africa’s best vineyards. Taking the cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the beautiful views is a must. With all the sophistication and activities that can be found in the city, this seaside playground certainly has enough to offer everyone.

2. Essaouira (Morocco)

Marrakech Essaouira - one of the most beautiful cities in Africa

With an old medina and sleek fortifications dating from the region Marrakech of 18th century, miles of stunning beaches and a charming harbour and fish market for sightseeing, Essaouira is one of the most beautiful cities to visit on the continent.

It guarantees moments of peace and tranquillity away from the chaos of big cities and all-inclusive resorts without the charm of Morocco. As the wind and currents are quite strong, it is the perfect place to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing. In addition to being a picturesque coastal town, Essaouira is a haven for water sports lovers.

3. Luxor (Egypt)

Luxor - one of the most beautiful cities in the Africa
Luxor. Holger Wirth (Flickr)

The ancient capital of Egypt, Thebes, Luxor has attracted many travellers and Egyptologists since the 19th century, Luxor is the thirst for most beautiful city in Africa. People come in search of the ancient wonders that still dominate the city landscape. The name ‘Luxor’ is translated by ‘Palaces’. Luxor is now a beautiful and vibrant city, with spectacular Nile landscapes and desert landscapes.

Luxor is a true archaeological treasure. If you are fond of Egyptian art and everything related to this ancient civilization, Luxor is your destination. In the heart of the country, on the banks of the Nile, and on the ruins of the ancient city of Thebes, temples, hypogea and gigantic sculptures rise that will make us enjoy to the fullest. Famous are its Valley of the Kings and its Valley of the Queens.

It is also home to the remains of the tombs of the pharaohs, the beautiful temple of Karnak, the Temple of Hatshepsut and the stunning Valley of the Kings, among others.

4. Cairo (Egypt)

View of the Cairo mosque. Ramón (Flickr)

We are not leaving Egypt yet because one of the most beautiful cities in Africa cannot miss its capital, Cairo. Its chaotic (and at the same time certainly romantic) day to day is already in itself sufficient reason to pay a visit. But its maximum attraction is in its pyramids and its Great Sphinx, which together form the only one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world that still endures.

5. Djenné (Mali)

Djenne in Mali

The city of Djenné is one of the oldest in the country. In fact, its establishment dates back to 250 BC. It is a fascinating and beautiful place, with clay brick houses and mosques. In fact, the largest and most creative clay buildings in the world, the Grand Mosque, are in Djenné. With its magnificent mud views, this is certainly a unique vacation destination.

6. Algiers (Algeria)

View of Algeria from the port. Magharebia.

The Algerian capital is considered the most romantic Arab city. Also as ‘the white city for the colour of its buildings and also one of the most beautiful cities in Africa.

In Algiers, you will find that unique mixture between the French colonial heritage and of course everything Arab, which is why you will find large and elegant buildings and narrow alleys. Algiers positively influenced by the commerce of the Mediterranean grows along the coast creating a most delicate landscape.

7. Lamu (Kenya)

Lamu - one of the most beautiful cities in Africa

Lamu is a very relaxing and relaxed coastal city in Kenya. The only thing that could occasionally disturb the peace is a braying donkey. It is, in fact, one of the best-preserved Swahili settlements in Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travellers can spend hours strolling the beautiful narrow streets of the old town. They can also relax at the nearby Shela Beach. Lamu is one of the best places to relax and adopt a slow coastal lifestyle and also one of the most beautiful cities in Africa that cannot be ignored.

8. Victoria (Seychelles)

Victoria - Seychelles

If there is an African capital that unites the urban with the paradisiacal, that is Victoria, in Seychelles. It is the most important city in the area in economic, cultural, political and commercial matters, visitors recommend visiting the vibrant market.

These islands in the Indian Ocean are considered by many to be a true paradise of white sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters. In Victoria, you will also find a beautiful city with that colonial clock “Clock tower” that makes it a nerve centre.

9. Bahir Dar (Ethiopia)

Bahir Dar

Wide streets with lines of palm trees and stunning views over the river make up the landscape of Bahir Dar. The beautiful capital of the Amhara region is located on the shores of Lake Tana, and the city is home to some of the oldest monasteries and churches in the world. 

Visiting them is a must, and there are many boat trips available for travellers. The Blue Nile Falls are also one of Ethiopia’s most spectacular attractions and are within walking distance of Bahir Dar.

10. Stone Town (Tanzania)

Stone Town

Just off the coast of Tanzania, in the Indian Ocean, is the island of Zanzibar. It combines a fascinating and rich history with beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, and Stone Town is its cultural heart. In the past 200 years, little has changed in this ancient city. 

Extravagant houses with carved wooden doors, the sultan’s palace, winding alleys, narrow streets and lively bazaars make Stone Town a fascinating place to stroll. It is not surprising, therefore, that this Swahili coastal commercial city is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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