Most Common Mistakes Men Make In Relationships


Men around the world tend to make huge mistakes when dealing with women. This problem is the most common male-dominated society. Men see themselves as superior beings that should be worshiped and glorified. It is true that men are higher than women in the chain of command at domestic levels. However how men show their dominance goes a long way in determining the degree of happiness In a relationship. This spirit of dominion gives birth to several mistakes men make when dealing with women.

1. Using words and blows to correct your woman :

Mistakes men make about women is when they try to gain the women’s respect at any and all cost.  Respect is earned; if you act in a deserving way, it is yours.

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Many men think they can gain the respect of the women in their lives by dealing with them with blows or words that hurt their feelings and body. Women who have endured one form of abuse or the other tend to feel disconnected from their partners after a while. Beating a woman would make you lose the respect and love she has for you not build it.

2. Trying to buy a woman over with money :

Love is not money and money can never be used to buy a person’s heart. Money regulates love, agreed but If you waste your resources trying to buy a woman over, she would only be with you for as long as the money is available. You would be disappointed to know that she would walk away from you the very minute you are done squandering.

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However, if she is a woman who values her integrity, she may call your bluff and move on. At this stage, the wealth you have tried displaying around her has been misplaced.

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3. Using beauty as a criterion for selecting a mate :

So many men make the mistake of picking their partners based on the physical attributes. They use this as the major criterion and give more importance to a woman’s looks than to the character she exhibits.

Fact is deeper values should be used in assessing your missing ribs. Men who make this grave mistake end up losing the women because they move on to the highest bidder as soon as the men misbehave. Also, the union may not last because the men may most likely lose interest as soon as the beauty fades off. Get me! I am not saying beauty is bad neither am I saying it is all and all, but the point us that beauty alone should not be the only criteria for selecting a mate.

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4. Giving your woman too much power over you :

Some men give themselves over to their women in the name of love. This is a very dangerous thing to do as it is bound to make you lose your position in the woman’s life.

A man is the head of the house; by the time you give a woman too much authority over you, she would do all she likes with you. In the long run, she would treat you like trash because you’ve sold yourself over to her.



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