Every Nigerian Woman Needs These In The Bedroom

 A lot of women have trouble saying what they truly want during bedroom sections. Although women tend to like keeping a modest reputation and being respected, sometimes getting downright dirty is exactly what they want. Men do not believe women to be as creative as they are when it comes to Sxual creativity. Oftentimes a woman may not want to tell a man what exactly it is she wants because she may not want to give him the impression that she is not being pleased that is where this article comes in.

Women are just as much Sxually creative beings as men and our generation is finally accepting this awesome fact. Our crazy world today encourages women to have a healthy and active sx drive, however, that does not mean all women are comfortable talking about their sx lives and sxual desires. These are four of the things she wants you to do more in the bedroom. Women are different and every woman enjoys different Sxual pleasures, but the following are four things most common to all women.

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 1. Romance it up:

A lot of men get too comfortable at a certain stage of their relationship and their chivalrous side tends to fade off. What every man needs to understand is that romantic gestures turn on women whether they admit to it or not. Every woman’s perception of romance is slightly different. For some women, romance is a romantic dinner followed by a horse and buggy ride through a park and for other women it is bringing their favorite white wine and chick flick to their place for a night in. Whatever it is your woman likes, do not forget it because you may not realize, but sometimes the romantic pre-game is what really turns her on most, and trust me, men, the reward will be worth it the while for real.

 2. More of Fore Play:

Women love Foreplay for various reasons. First, for a woman, Foreplay is a lot of fun. They love teasing their men and almost making them beg to be inside them. What a lot of men do not realize also is that it is easier to get a girl to climax during Foreplay. Men tend to want to fast-forward the preview and get straight to the featured film, however for many the preview is the best part. Foreplay is something that should be done regardless of the amount of time you have been dating your woman. I mean a quickie is always dangerously fun, but foreplay should not be neglected.

 3. Try Spontaneity :

There is something so hot about having unconventional sx with your partner. Relationships tend to get repetitive and boring, but something that your girl needs is a little spontaneity in the bedroom. Come up behind her in the kitchen while she is cooking or in the laundry room when she is folding clothes and lay it on her. It is important for any relationship to keep the Sx fun and alive, couples often get into ruts and this is a great way of getting out of one. If you guys are really adventurous, try having sx in a public place, the thrill and excitement that you can get caught at any minute are sure to spice things up for both of you.

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4. Always Return The Favor :

Women spend half of their relationship in between your legs and most guys do not realize that they want you to return the favor. Oral sx is great for both men and women, but oftentimes women get nervous about asking for it in the bedroom. Men rarely have to ask for it, women just rationally go there, but for a lot of men, they do not think of instantly doing the same for women. Men do not realize that often times if they do not go down on you the woman thinks it is something wrong with them. So men, just return the favor before being asked.


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