Top 6 Most Educated States in Nigeria

Most Educated States in Nigeria

Nigeria has the highest number of educated citizens in the whole of Africa and amongst the 6 Reasons Why Nigeria Is Truly The Giant of Africa. Yet, there is no unified or equal number of educated persons in all the 36 States in the country, ee the top most educated states in Nigeria.

Although every state in Nigeria has at least, a University, College of Education and polytechnic. These show that there are over 150 higher institutions of learning in Nigeria.

However, it is very important to note that there are some states in Nigeria that value and patronized education than the other.

As such, this article will list the most educated state in Nigeria.

  1. Lagos State

Lagos State made to of the Most Educated States in Nigeria. the state may be seen as a state with many numbers if ‘agberos’ and street guys, but the truth is, it’s one of the most educated states in the country.

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The literacy level in the state is impressive and for this reason, there are numerous private and public institutions producing graduate and prominent figures every now and then.

  1. Imo State

Also, Imo State has the most educational advancement in the whole of the southeast, Nigeria. Research shows that I’m State has the highest number of degree holders.

The state housed many prestigious schools and colleges like the Federal University of Technology, Technological skills Acquisition Institute, Federal Polytechnic and many more.

  1. Anambra State

Follow on the list of the most educated state in Nigeria is Anambra. Anambra State is known for breeding successful businessmen and capable entrepreneurs from their various institutions.

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The zeal and passion the people of the state have for business made them venture into education.

  1. Oyo State

Oyo state only has 5 different and distinct Universities; this depicts how the people of Oyo loves and value studying.

Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo has been ranked as one of the most educated cities on the planet Earth. Do you know what this means?

As a matter of fact, the first and the best university in Nigeria is situated in Ibadan, Oyo State. What is more?

  1. Rivers State

Rivers State is the major oil-producing state, has many private and government-owned beautiful as well as standard schools and colleges.

After all, the main income Nigeria generates comes to form the state, then most of its revenue will be spent on education.

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With top and quality education assurance in the state, Rivers State is another state in Nigeria with a higher number of educated fellow.

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  1. Ogun State

It is without a doubt that Ogun State has the highest number of educated personalities in Nigeria. Even, the state has produced countless numbers of professors compare to other states.

While Ogun State deserved to be on this list on merit as it is, it has also produced many genii and intelligent people that have ruled Nigeria; as well as made NIGERIA proud in the wider world.

Over to you guys, which State do you think to deserve to have made the list of Top 6 Most Educated States in Nigeria but missing in the above listed? Let’s hear your say and opinion on it.


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