5 People You Must Meet In The University

5 People you Must Meet in the University to Succeed even After School:

Most Nigerian graduates today are suffering after school life because of the way they have lived their life while on campus.

There are records of many distinction candidates out there today with zero job. Not because they are no longer brilliant or their certificates are invalid to get them a job. But because there are some vital ingredients they have missed while on the training ground.

The most foolish thought a student can ever have is to conclude that school is all about reading and making good grades.

Yes, good grades are good and every student should desire to graduate with good grades. But beyond that, there are other key success steps you need to have taken while you are a student in the higher institution.

Below are 5 Key categories of People you must mingle with to succeed both in the campus and after campus:

1 – The Critics 

Thousands of people have failed woefully in life because they have tried to avoid been criticized in every step in their life.

Note: Critics only makes wise people forge further, It is never to weaken you, even though it might be the aim of the person criticising you, but you as a person should make positive from it. It makes you stronger and gaining new height.

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2- The Mentors

A student without a mentor is like a house with open roofs, anything can just come in and go out of such a house.

No matter how good you are as a student, you need a mentor. Someone who can morally, academically, educational and spiritual give you advice, coach you and as well let you know when you are getting off track.

3- The Realist

Mentors most times are mistaken for a realist. Someone can be your mentor and he or she is not a realist.

A realist is known to be factual, they tell you things from a different perception. They don’t make you see the worst in everything. They are those set of people who can help you see the good side of a bad situation. They can help you look at situations logically and critically and help you identifies any weakness in it.

A realist is not a pessimist, they most time accept things the way they are but are not broken by the worst occurrence.

4- The Inspirational

A little stress can distort plan and the entire future of some persons. We have different limit and level at which our brains can be explored at some particular moments. Many students today have failed after school because when they failed in school, ‘The Inspirational’ kind of person was not close to speak to them, encourage and guide them, make them believe that life can be meaningful for them.

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5- The Connectors

You see, this kind of persons are just a few among many. They don’t necessarily have the power to get things done for you, but they always know this one person who can be of help to you.

They easily make friends, physically and even on social media.

Connectors are easily known where ever they entered because they always find it easy to mingle. These set of persons are always willing to be of help to people. They can sacrifice their whole time to get you connected to the right person who can help you achieve your goal.

If as a student you have been leaving in Isolation for years in the campus and thereby have not linked yourself up with the above category of people, even when you, fortunately, graduated with first-class, you might not find it easy with life.

For each of the above category, they have a big role to play in your life, not just on the campus.

Make sure you meet them, build good relationships with them and I can assure you that life after school can be so amazing and great because you have not missed the ethics of life after school.


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