20 Most Populous Countries in the World

When people like to have many children, and the health system improves, the population explodes, the most populous countries in the world are listed here.

Or, if a country is very popular, immigrants fill the ranks. The result: much of the world’s population lives in only a few countries. If you really like to know, these are the 20 Most Populous Countries in the World listed here for you:

20 Most Populous Countries in the World

20. Thailand

Population: 69 million

Population density: 135 people per km2

Thailand is a land of jungles, exotic animals, Buddhist temples… and lots of people! And about 10% of Thailand’s population lives in the capital, Bangkok. The population continues to grow, but slowly, as the quality of life improves. Oh, and if you visit Thailand, don’t insult the king (Thais have a lot of respect for their king).

19. Turkey

Population: 81.6 million

Population density: 104 people per km2

Besides being very populous, Turkey has a long and fascinating history. Most of the population is Muslim, but this region was the center of Christianity in the early centuries after Christ. St. Nicholas, the man who inspired the story of Santa Claus, was born in Turkey in the 3rd century AD. The capital, Istanbul, is the only city on two continents: Europe and Asia.

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18. Iran

Population: 81.7 million

Population density: 50 people per km2

In the past, Iran was called Persia. Land of cats and special rugs, Iran is also a country with a large urban population. Much of the country is deserted, and people look for jobs in the cities. At present, Iran makes the news mainly because of its radical Islamic laws and political tension with the United States.

17. Germany

Population: 82 million

Population density: 230 people per km2

Germany is the Europe most populous country and the second most sought after destination by immigrants, after the United States of America. And it’s easy to understand why: The country has many job opportunities, manufactures some of the best cars in the world, college is free, and there’s a lot of beer! But for those who are not punctual, living in Germany can be difficult…

16. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Population: 83 million

Population density: 36 people per km2

Do not confuse the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with your neighbor, the Republic of Congo! The two are side by side, but the DRC is much larger and considered one of the most populous countries in the world. Despite suffering much conflict and violence in recent decades, the population of the DRC continues to grow rapidly. The country has many precious ores and has the oldest natural park in Africa, Vironga, which is home to many gorillas.

15. Vietnam

Population: 96 million

Population density: 291 people per km2

Nex to China, Vietnam looks very small, but it is not. Most people know about Vietnam mainly because of the war the United States was involved in, but the market is best known for being the 2nd largest coffee producer after Brazil. In Vietnam, buying a car is very expensive, so almost everyone rides a motorcycle (and it’s a mess!).

14. Egypt

Population: 99 million

Population density: 99 people per km2

The land of the pharaohs is mostly desert. As in ancient times, the vast majority of the population lives by the Nile River, the only place with arable soil. The Nile is the longest river in the world and was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians. Egypt currently has many facebook users, and the social network was very important in organizing the 2011 revolution.

13. Philippines

Population: 106 million

Population density: 311 people per km2

The Philippines is a collection of thousands of islands, but many are uninhabited. One in 4 people in the Philippines lives in the Manila metropolitan area, which is one of the largest cities in the world. (If you like to live surrounded by a lot of people, Manila is for you.) The official languages ​​of the country are Filipino and English, but the population also speaks over 170 other languages!

12. Ethiopia

Population: 107 million

Population density: 97 people per km2

Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, Ethiopia has a very rich culture. The country is a historic center of Christianity and Islam and has an ancient Jewish community. The Rastafarian movement arose from the belief that an Ethiopian emperor was the incarnation of Jesus. And if you like Indiana Jones, some say the Ark of the Covenant is stored in Ethiopia.

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11. Japan

Population: 127 million

Population density: 336 people per km2

Land of sushi, manga, and anime, Japan is also known for its population problems. Unlike most countries on this list, Japan’s population is declining quite rapidly. A large part of the population is elderly and younger people do not have many children. Still, Japan has many people, and Tokyo is the largest city in the world.

10. Mexico

Population: 130 million

Population density: 66 people per km2

Mexico has recently overtaken Japan as the 10th country with most people in the world. Most of the population comes from the mix between descendants of indigenous peoples, such as the Aztecs, and descendants of Spanish. The result: a very interesting culture that brings together Aztec pyramids and Catholic churches, chorizo ​​, and chilli peppers!

9. Russia

Population: 144 million

Population density: 8 people per km2

Yes, Russia has a lot of people but also a lot of space. It is the largest country in the world! Although it has many inhabitants, Russia has several practically uninhabited regions. And it’s easy to understand why. The weather in Siberia is extremely cold, and the Trans-Siberian railway takes several days to cross the country.

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8. Bangladesh

Population: 166 million

Population density: 1127 people per km2

There is not much space in Bangladesh. Stuck between much larger countries like India and China, Bangladesh has so many inhabitants that they almost live on top of each other! The capital, Daka, is one of the largest cities in the world. The country is a major manufacturer of clothing for export.

7. Nigeria

Population: 194 million

Population density: 212 people per km2

There is no other African country with more inhabitants than Nigeria. Nigerians smile a lot, produce many movies, and have many children! The country has its version of Hollywood called Nollywood, which produces more movies than the American giant. Nigeria’s official language is English, but it also has hundreds of different tribes and languages.

6. Pakistan

Population: 120 million

Population density: 228 people per km2

For those who like heights, Pakistan has the 2nd largest mountain in the world, the K-2. Some of the oldest civilizations in the world arose in Pakistan, and the country remains a very populous place. The country is now known to be home to Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

5. Brazil

Population: 210 million

Population density: 25 people per km2

Brazil is the 5th country with the most people and also the 5th with the largest territory. A large part of the population lives in the 4 largest cities in the country: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Brasilia. But now it has become fashionable to have fewer children, so the population is growing slower.

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4. Indonesia

Population: 266 million

Population density: 140 people per km2

The largest Muslim country in the world is in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is also the country with the most islands in the world (over 17,000!), Home to the largest lizard in the world (the Komodo dragon) and the largest flower in the world. The country was visited by Marco Polo in the Middle Ages (but no one in Europe believed him).

3. United States of America

Population: 326 million

Population density: 35 people per km2

Looks like half the world wants to live in the United States of America! Much of the growth of the American population is due to immigration. The country has a large number of Latin American and Asian immigrants. Americans have one thing in common with Brazilians: they both love pizza!

2. India

Population: 1350 million

Population density: 412 people per km2

India’s population keeps growing! It is estimated that within a few years India will rise to 1st position on this list. If you think traffic in Sao Paulo is crazy, then traffic in Mumbai is crazy. Woe to those who hit a cow… Most people are Hindu, and in this religion, cows are sacred.

1. China

Population: 1413 million

Population density: 145 people per km2

China is the first on the list of most populous countries in the world, about 1 in 7 people in the world is Chinese! Because of the crazy population growth, the government has imposed a policy of only 1 child per couple.

The consequence: The population is getting very old, and there is a shortage of women because families prefer to have male children. Currently, single-child couples can have 2 children.

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