7 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World: Fearful List

What is the most dangerous beach in the world? This article is focused on the top 7 most dangerous beaches in the world, the images in the pictures alone are enough to create huge fear in you, mind you, they are among the wonders of the world that you must not do without seeing.

When the holiday period arrives, most people prefer to escape the rush of the city and enjoy a few days at the beach, reason why we list the most dangerous beaches in the world so as to be safe whenever you wanna visit any of them.

But what could be better than a sea bath, taking coconut water walking on the sand or even sunbathing? Nothing, right? But even though beaches are generally a very fun and healthy program, there are still risks. After all, living is an eternal risk.

But what could pose a danger on the beach? It may not be as common (still good), but shark attacks happen. Depending on the beach you are in, this can be an imminent danger.

In addition to the sharks, strong currents, wild waves, jellyfish, all this can become a threat amidst the most dangerous beaches in the world. If you are planning your vacation and want to meet a new beach, you may want to avoid the ones we will list here.

You do not want your holiday to turn into a horror movie, do you? Here we provide a list of the most dangerous beaches in the world.

The Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

1 – Reunion Island, France

Reunion Island - Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

Reunion Island is a tropical beach located near the east coast of Madagascar. The beach was once one of the most popular destinations in France, attracting mainly tourists and surfers.

But with a considerable increase in shark attacks, tourism in the region declined sharply after 2011. Since then, more than 20 shark attacks have been reported.

The last to be heard was in 2017 and caused the death of a surfer. So if you’re afraid of sharks, you might want to look for another beach where they do not show up so often.

2 – Beach Fraser Island, Australia

Beach Fraser Island

Next, to the coast of Queensland, Australia, Fraser Beach is one of the top destinations for ecotourism in the region. However, the place has potentially dangerous threats.

Many sharks and jellyfish appearances are a risk to bathers. Not to mention the wild waves and strong currents. But the danger of Fraser beach is not restricted to the sea. In the sand, you still run the risk of being attacked by a wild dog species, the dingos.

3 – Gansbaai, South Africa

Gansbaai South Africa

This beach, south of Cape Town, is very close to the Shark Alley. The channel between two islands is the habitat of several white sharks. Even the sharks are part of one of the main attractions of the place.

The more adventurous tourists, who seek an extra emotion, can dive inside cages among ferocious animals. But if you’re not in a safe cage, this dive may not be a good idea.

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4 – Boa Viagem Beach, Brazil

Boa Viagem Beach

Boa Viagem beach is in Recife, in the state of Pernambuco, and has the highest lethality rate and the ratio of shark attacks in the world. Something around 37%. Since 1992, at least 53 people have been killed by sharks there. The beach is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, but also one of the most dangerous.

5 – Hanakapiai Beach, United States

Hanakapiai Beach

The American state of Hawaii is always related to the most beautiful and paradisiacal beaches in the world. And in fact, what is not lacking, there are beaches. But some of them can be quite dangerous, as is the case of Hanakapiai beach.

There, the danger is not the sharks, but the strong sea currents that have already made dozens of victims. If you go to Hawaii, maybe you should look for other, less dangerous beaches.

6 – Zipolite Beach, Mexico

Zipolite Beach - most dangerous beaches in the world

The name “Zipolite” comes from the Mexican local indigenous language and means “beach of the dead.” By that name, you have to figure out why she’s on that list. Zipolite beach has giant waves, which have already drowned many bathers, including many who died.

The beach receives many tourists, most of them are naturist. However, it is not indicated to enter the water. You can enjoy many other things on the beach, but do not try to take a dip.

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7 – Beach Kilauea, United States

Beach Kilauea

Another beach in Hawaii to keep away. The problem of Kilauea beach is its still active volcano. When the Kilauea volcano decides to wake up, you will not want to be around to witness the moment. Volcano lava flows directly into the sea with a temperature above 40 ° C.

Let us hear from you, what is your favorite beach? Which one do you wish to visit? Tell us in the comments section and also share this post with your friends.