10 Most Popular Slangs Used In Nigeria And Their Meaning

Our country Nigeria is made up of over 250 ethnic groups. These groups have their own culture and do things that are exclusive to them. It is also possible for a tribe in Nigeria to come up with a phrase that interest the general population. There are slangs or codes used while conversing.

These slangs are mainly known by people who live within the country or people who show interest in learning them. Pidgin is a language spoken by virtually by all Nigerians. It is the break-even language as majority tribes are able to speak and understand it. Pidgin is also known as broken English because English is the basis of the pidgin.

In major cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt and Warri, it is very rare for one to move around without speaking pidgin or some pidgin slangs. Here is a list of the most popular pidgin slangs used all over the country.

1. Fall my hand:

This is one of the most popular slangs in Nigeria. If the speaker were to say “no go fall my hand”  he or she means she does not want to be disappointed. He could also say  “you fall my hand” which implies that you disappointed him. Nigerians often use this phrase when conversing with one another on a colloquial basis.

2. I go change am for you:

This is a pidgin slang that is usually heard when the speaker is giving out words of warning based on anger. This is just a simple way of asking someone to be careful and not get him or her angry else reap his wrath.

When you hear this phrase, do not make the mistake of thinking the speaker is talking about any form of tangible change. However, it could also be used in another context where the speaker is being lenient and is talking about replacing an object (in this case it is not slang but is simply communicating in pidgin ).

3. Pepper don red:

This phrase is usually used when the issue of financial fortune is involved, it means the person’s status has changed and the person evidently richer.

4. Baff up:

When Nigerians use this slang, they are referring to someone who is nicely dressed, perhaps for an outing or any special occasion. Baff up could also be a substitute for Kak up which means the same thing. When this pidgin slang is heard. It could go like this “see as you baff up” or “this lady just baff up this morning “

5. Bust my skeroo:

When this pidgin slang is used, the speaker is obviously a Warri person or someone affiliated to that part of the country. This means to blow one’s mind. It simply implies that the speaker is amazed by the action or experience.

6. Jones/Jonzing :

Do not mistake this word for the name of a person. When used as slang, it is talking about someone or a group of people who are not being smart in a particular situation. “Babe, you dey jones” The speaker is talking about someone not seizing a favorable opportunity where he or she ought to.

7. You dey Kolo:

This simply means you are crazy. that means when conversing or watching two Nigerians converse and this slang comes up, note that the speaker is simply saying the subject is crazy.

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8. Fabu

Fabu means to lie. this slang has been frequently used in Nolly wood especially amongst music artists and it simply means lie. Your fabu no be here oo these sentence simply means your lie is too much.

9. All Join:

this slangs simple an all-inclusive statement meaning all is included.

10. Aproko:

This is also a slang used widely in Nigeria and its used to mean Gossip and also anyone that is found discussing affairs that has nothing to do with him>her is described as Aproko.

There are a thousand and one slangs in Nigeria, however, these ten are the most central and most common.