How to Identify The Best Temperament For Marriage

All human beings are different and unique they are of different temperament thus endowing them with traits which are common to certain types of people which makes them totally predictable.

It is important to know these traits so you can tell early enough if your relationship with your partner will survive or evolve into marriage.

Temperaments are an individual’s characteristic level of emotional excitability or intensity. There are four known types of temperaments:

1. Sanguine Temperament

Sanguine temperament is commonly associated with air. You must have heard the statement “Solomon is as free as air”, air blows everywhere and so it is the perfect element that befits a sanguine. Sanguine persons are usually lively, sociable, carefree, talkative and pleasure-seeking. They are usually warm wherever they go and tend to Make friends easily. They are fun and outgoing but may be easily Influenced by peers. They struggle with completing tasks and can be chronically late or forgetful.

When in love, sanguine persons always search for a playmate, someone room goes on adventures with, be it in a conversation, in the bedroom, or all around the world. For the sanguine, dating is an entertainment.

It is interesting to date a sanguine because of their lifestyle, it’s never a dull moment with them. They are friendly, enthusiastic and won’t try to control their partner.

Sanguine persons are also generous and give gifts Early in the relationship. The problems with sanguine persons are ;

• Selfish nature, they tend to talk about themselves and barely allow for response or addition. They are bad listeners.

• Sex for them is a recreation, rarely for love or affection.

They see virtually everything as a game or as fun, Sex is one of those things. They rarely attach emotions when having sex with their partner.

• Being easily influenced, your relationship with them is based on what his peers think of you. Risky, In my opinion

• Sanguine persons love to relate their sexual encounters with others.

It’s better for a sanguine person to date and marries a sanguine just like himself. They may understand each other better.

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2. Choleric Temperament

The Choleric temperament is associated with fire. You must have heard the statement describing persons with the element of fire. Choleric persons are mostly egocentric and extroverted. They may be excitable, impulsive and restless with reserves of aggression, energy, air or passion. They are task-oriented and ambitious, strong-willed and like to be in charge. They are good with planning and often practical and solutions-oriented. They appreciate receiving respect and self-esteem for their work. They can be manipulative and use people to get what they want.

When a Choleric person is in love, they are full of analysis of their hopes and needs. It is crucial that their potential partner shares their goals and interests because they need someone to share ideas with. They are good listeners but may love to hear what you think about them always. They analyze and hide their emotions so they mostly prefer someone who is emotionally expressive, flexible and even hesitant.

Choleric persons go well with phlegmatics as partners. Choleric persons rarely cheat in a relationship or double date and also have little or no dating experience from their early years. They tend to focus on the person whom they think is worth their time and effort.

Choleric persons may be very romantic when they are ready for a deep relationship or commitment. They like to be needed and maybe very clingy.

Choleric persons fall in love less frequently and have only a few serious relationships.

Choleric persons have a very high Sex drive but hate to sleep around. Once in a committed relationship, the demand for Sex to satisfy their high Sex drive. When going into a relationship with a Choleric, don’t bother wearing a pant. Lol.

3.Phlegmatic Temperament

Phlegmatic temperament are associated with water. Because they are mostly cool like water. They are Introverted, very inward and private, thoughtful, reasonable, calm, Phlegmatic persons have a rich inner life and seek a peaceful atmosphere and are very content. They are steadfast, consistent and faithful friends. Though they may appear clumsy or ponderous.

When a Phlegmatic person is in love, he is a sensitive lover. When with a potential partner, they seek common ground, be it intellectual or emotional. They reveal their feelings right from the beginning and can be deeply hurt by rejection.

Dating for Phlegmatic persons is seeking a long-term relationship or marriage. Once a Phlegmatic person finds the “ONE”, they work on maintaining intimacy with their partners. They make major adjustments and sacrifices for the sake of the cherished bond.

Phlegmatic temperament are the most romantic and fall in love often. To them, Sex and love are interconnected. They do not have sex for the fun of it but for intimacy and closure.

They detest clingy and overly demanding people. If they are hurt, they take time to heal and can stay for years without a relationship. Phlegmatic persons value marriage and it is their only goal.

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4. Melancholic Temperament

Melancholic temperament are associated with earth. They are often serious, introverted, cautious or suspicious. They easily affect text by tragedy or cruelty in the world and are very susceptible to depression and moodiness. They prefer to do things by themselves and are not social

When in love, melancholic persons, have the following attributes

• They see partners as assistants and base their love preference on common sense and compatibility.

• They keep good manners.

• Melancholic persons are never late. They are very strict with timekeeping.

• Melancholic persons are perfect gentlemen, they will open doors for their lady.

• Melancholic ladies are also known to cook for their men.

• Melancholic persons are very good planners, they strategize early in time.

• They can love well but can also be very obsessive and protective of the one they love. They can become violent when they feel cheated.

• Sex for them is a way to forget their problems and relax and is not a playful activity or adventure like for sanguine persons.

• They select a partner based on their family preference as they hate to be ridiculed for their choices.

I always advise that intending couples take time to slowly know each other before going into a relationship. After 3 months the initial gra gra must have stopped, then you can truly know the character of the person.


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