Top 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa

Looking at the list of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa, one can see some of the sub-Saharan Africa countries sitting at the front while making new discoveries.

The level of technology in the the world is growing rapidly with Africa also tagging along. Even though Africa is relegated behind in the IT Sector, but that doesn’t cancel the fact that African is also improving and growing.

All the 54 countries in Africa were categorized and examined based on numerous factors by the Global Innovation iindex ranking Factors like education, energy, productivity, defense, computer hardware, mobile phones, research capability were used. Making it safe to state categorically that the below countries mentioned, are the most technologically advanced countries in Africa.

List of the Top 10 most technologically advanced Countries in Africa

1. South Africa

Have you ever wondered which or what country is the most technologically advanced country in Africa? The answer to that question is South Africa. South Africa is the most advanced country in Africa regarding technology and other innovative products.

Based on the Global Innovation Index ranking, South Africa ranks 53rd out of 143 Countries ranked.

The country also has the best universities in the whole of Africa which are technically inclined. Among notable discoveries and innovations by the country’s Citizens includes DSTV, Paypal, CAT Scan, Linux Ubuntu, SASOL technology among others.

2. Egypt

This country is located in the Northern part of the African, which is seen as the origin of modern civilizations. This is as a result of the early innovations  made by the country including the Calendar which is widely used today, Egyptian Pyramid, and written letters.

Egypt is also one of the top technologically advanced countries in Africa. Apart from all the discoveries mentioned above, She also has one of the best universities in Africa. Egypt Government also supports and encourages technological development in the country. The Arab country, no doubt is at the front of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa.

3. Nigeria

Nigeria which is known as the African most populous country also made the list. The African Giant is not left behind when it comes to technological discoveries and innovation.

Nigeria has many potentials including talented youths and citizens. Most of the technological innovation made by those youths includes founding Iroko Partners, producing Inye-1 and Inye-2 tablets and computers, creating large Internet connection companies with many users from about 178 nations.

Indeed, Nigeria is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa as all this achievement and innovation contribute massively to the IT sector. Even though the country has a low internet penetration of about 38%, that doesn’t cancel the fact that the country is ahead when it comes to technological advancements.

4. Kenya

This is also one of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa. The East African country has contributed a lot to the IT sector in Africa.

With many startup companies, revolutionary ideas, the country’s impact on the tech industry can’t be overlooked. Kenya has produced a lot of technological innovations like Charging shoes by Anthony Matina, Alarm fitted television by a 44-year-old Kenyan citizen, Charcoal store, Solar Powered refrigerator, underwater pets housing, and many more.

With all these technologically driven innovations, the country will be able to compete Internationally if it receives a lot of support.

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5. Ghana

Ghana is another advanced country in Africa when it comes to technology and IT skills. With its stable and growing economy, Ghana has a suitable environment that encourages technological innovations.

Even though the country is small in size with about 25 million people, she is technically inclined and driven. Some of the technological innovations made by Ghanaians includes using compressed gas to generate electricity by Mr. Freddie Green, an affordable virtual conference system using videos.

6. Rwanda

Rwanda is also one of the most technologically-driven countries in Africa. Despite its civil unrest, war, and genocide, the country is also making efforts towards technological advancements.

It’s part of the sub-Saharan Africa Countries that has the highest improvement since 2013. Rwanda is rapidly growing and exploring new innovative technology.

7. Botswana

Botswana apart from being part of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa has the most successful and stable economy ever. With great support from her government, Botswana created an innovative hub where startups, global corporations, research, and health organizations are being moved forward.

8. Angola

Despite the fact that Science and Technological innovation are limited in Angola, it also makes the list of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa. This is because of its sustained growth and development. Should the country continues to sustain its growth and development, new innovations and technological discoveries would definitely be made by the citizens.

9. Uganda

This is another advanced country with a developing human capital and improving technological level day by day. The Country which contains about 45,872,198 million people ranked as the 9th sub-Saharan countries with innovation and technological capacities among other 82 countries.

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10. Zimbabwe

The last country on the list of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is located in the Southern part of Africa with little or no revolution in technology at all. But with its stable economy, it is believed that it has a technology capability which if looked into will result in a lot of innovative ideas.

There you have the list of the most technologically advanced country in Africa with each country’s citizens trying their best while going about their day-to-day activities.


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