Full List of All MTN USSD Codes (Nigeria)

Knowing the List of All MTN Ussd Codes has become necessary due to MTN’s reputation as a top-tier network provider in Nigeria, a large number of individuals depend on it. One of the most affordable data providers in Nigeria, they also have a fast and reliable network for browsing the web.

What is MTN USSD Code?

Using the MTN USSD Code, consumers can execute a variety of functions on their MTN lines. As an example, these actions include purchasing airtime, moving airtime or data to other accounts, changing plans, and so on.

*131# is the MTN USSD Code

Despite this, only a small percentage of the population is familiar with all of the USSD codes available to them. As a result, we made a list of all of the Nigerian MTN USSD codes that are currently working to share with them.

We’ve already written about how to buy data online for many networks, but that same piece also has information on how to buy MTN data online.

Users of the MTN network can check their data and airtime balances using these codes.

So, let’s have a look at the MTN Nigeria USSD codes list. For data bundles, the MTN USSD codes are also supplied.

Full List Of All MTN USSD Codes (Nigeria)

Mtn Ussd Code For Upgrade is *131*4#.

Mtn Ussd Code For Data or to buy data is *131*1# or *904#

Mtn Ussd Code for airtime advance is *600*amount#

Mtn Ussd Code to check data subscription is *559#

Mtn Ussd Code For Own Number is *123#

MTN USSD Code to transfer data is *131*4#

Mtn Ussd Code for airtime transfer is *777*receiver’s number*amount*PIN#

Mtn Ussd code for please call me is *133#

MTN Bonus Balance Code is *559*2# or *559*3#

MTN’s Unified Short-Message Service You can terminate your data subscription by sending the word “NO” to 131 along with the code for your subscription plan. Send “NO102” to 131 if you’re on the 150MB Weekly plan to cancel, for instance.

MTN Nigeria’s Self-service USSD Code and Uses

MTN Self Service Code*123#
MTN Pay As You Go Browsing Code*131*200#
Opt-Out MTN Pay As You Go Browsing*131*200#
MTN 1GB Code on Pulse*406*2#
MTN Check Airtime Balance Code*559#
MTN International Bundles Purchase Code*131*5#
MTN International Call Balance Code*559*7#
MTN Data Bonus Balance Code*559*63#
MTN Data Bundle Balance Code*131*4#
MTN 2GB Data Plan Code*131*106#
MTN 4GB For 1000 Code*131*65# and select 3
MTN 250MB For 100 Code*131*65# and select 1
Check Eligibility for MTN 4GB For 1000*559*65#
MTN Purchase Data Bundle Code*141*2*163#
Activate MTN Datashare Code*141*5#
MTN 50MB For 100 Naira Code*104#
MTN Activation Code Of 150MB For 300*102#
MTN Activation Code Of 750MB For 500*103#
MTN Activation Code Of 1GB For 1000*106#, Get 500MB Bonus
MTN Activation Code Of 2.5GB For 2000*110#
MTN Activation Code Of 5GB For 3500*107#
Check MTN Night Browsing Data Balance*559*96#
MTN Customer Care Number (From MTN No)180
MTN headquarters officeGolden Plaza, No. 1 Awolowo Road, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos state
MTN Customer Care Number (From another network)08031000180
MTN websitehttps://www.mtnonline.com/
Number of MTN offices nationwide10, 000 plus
MTN E-mail Support[email protected]
1*559*14#check awuf balance
2*559*7#international call balance
3*131*4#check data bundle balance
4*904*Amount#buy airtime from bank account
5*777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#share airtime from MTN to MTN
6*559*63#check airtime bonus balance
7*123*4#subscribe to roaming bundle
8*606# borrow airtime and pay later
9*559#check airtime balance
10*131#subscribing for data bundle
11*606#borrow data and pay later
12*123#check the phone number of any MTN SIM card
13*133#send ”please call me back” for free of charge
14*131*4#upgrade from 3g to 4g
15*449*2#have largest awuf data plan in a SIM card
16*131*4#transfer data from MTN to MTN
17*785*Your NIN#NIN linking
18*663# know serial number


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