Top 10 Best Natural Hairstyles For Nigerian Women

The top finest natural hairstyles for Nigerian women are discussed in this post. Many women in the country are familiar with these hairstyles from their high school or childhood, and the beauty of natural braids is that they are still as fashionable now as they were many years ago. They may be anything from very basic and imaginative to quite bold.

New generation ladies prefer to use wigs and extensions, yet these natural hairstyles are still popular among their elders. In the following paragraphs, we will explore in-depth the most popular natural hairstyles in the country today.


We keep providing you with fashions you would love. Previously, we discussed tips for plus-sized women, we also provide You with Highly fashionable quality shoes for males and females, and today In no particular order, we bring to you the top 10 natural hairstyles for women in Nigeria:


African threads are one of the finest techniques to create stunning natural hairstyles for Nigerian women and girls. As a consequence of preventing breakage and reducing manipulation, African threading allows women to grow their hair without stress. For at least two weeks or more, it allows women and girls to wear their hair in a braid or ponytail.

When creating a new hairstyle with African threading, your hair is divided into parts and wrapped with black, silky threads, starting at the roots and ending at the tips. His prominence in the natural hair community cannot be overstated.


This hairstyle is considered by many to be the easiest Nigerian hairdo to make, and it is highly popular among women living outside of the country. All Back is a hairstyle in which all of a woman’s hair is braided from the front to the back. For ladies who like to wear wigs, this is the most convenient protective hairstyle since it encourages hair growth. Women’s faces are emphasized with the All Back haircut, which emphasizes their foreheads. Also available is an all-back-and-base version where the base extends down the woman’s forehead.


Nigerian ladies love the Police Cap, a hairstyle that replicates the form of a police officer’s beret. Women’s hair is braided from the rear to the front, then slid down over the forehead. Many Nigerian ladies and girls still wear it.


It literally means “clap”. Now you know why the braid was given its name. This hairstyle resembles the mohawk in that it has two horizontally braided hair divisions that connect vertically. It is easy to combine the Patewo hairstyle with a full back and base to make it more stunning.

#5. DIDI

Didi is another of the greatest and most famous Nigerian hairstyles. It is a braiding method that is generally thought to stimulate hair that is very similar to corn-rows, with the exception that in the case of Didi, the braids are inverted, and hairstylists frequently stand in the opposite direction of the braids they are doing to produce this style.


Shuku is a hairdo unique to the people of South-Western Nigeria that has grown in popularity among ladies all over the world. This hairstyle involves braiding a woman’s whole hair all the way to the center of her head to produce a funnel-like look. The Shuku hairstyle was once reserved for royal ladies in Yoruba land, but it is now popular among many women. Shuku is available in a variety of styles, including shukuonididi (inverted braids) and shukuologede (banana-shaped braids).


Another famous natural Nigerian hairstyle for ladies that has lasted generations is Two Steps. Simply described, this is a two-step braided hairstyle with one step in front and one in behind. It is similar to the All Back hairstyle, but the women’s and girls’ hair is separated horizontally in the middle as you braid from front to back, producing two stages of braids.


The Round About hairstyle for women entails wrapping a woman’s hair in one braid around her head, as the name suggests. This hairstyle can begin anywhere, including the middle of the head, the back, or the front border of a woman’s hair. The hairdo resembles a cinnamon bun and emphasizes the contour of the head.


“Koroba” is a Yoruba term for “Bucket,” which is why this natural Nigerian hairstyle for ladies was given that name since it resembles an overturned bucket. This hairstyle involves hair braided downwards from the center on both sides, producing a bucket/basket shape.


Abeti Aja is a traditional Yoruba hairstyle that literally translates to “dog-like ears.” The style is created by braiding a woman’s or a girl’s hair to resemble two dog ears, and it is more of a double shuku, with the hair then falling on both sides of the head, over the ears.

Other Hairstyles You can Rock Include;

  • Alecia keys

  • Beret

  • EkoBeidge

  • Telephone Wire

  • Bob Marley

  • Ghana weaving.


As a woman, you may be confused on what natural hairdo you should rock, but with this piece, we are cocksure we have at least given you the list of those hairstyles you can rock for now. If there are additional hair do you think should be on this list but is not there yet, you may do us well to drop via the comment section but before that, which of the hairdo do you love to rock the most, let us have your feedback via our comment section.


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