Nigeria Zip Code: Postal Codes for Nigeria 36 States

When people keep searching for What is Nigeria Zip code, what is Zip code for Nigeria, the postcode for Nigeria, and so on? It shows that knowing the postal code for your state is important.

In case, you need to fill any forms online, you will need a Nigeria state postal code. Also, it can be used to sort mails and ensure faster delivery.

What is the zip code for Nigeria?

Is 23401 is the zip code for Nigeria? Many people ask different questions concerning the postcode for Nigeria. It’s common to see people using 23401 or 234 as the Nigeria postcode which is very wrong. You should understand that 234 is the International dialing code for the Nigerian phone number and not a postcode.

The Nigeria ZIP code is adopted by the NIPOST to sort mails by the posting system. Ordinarily, Nigeria and other countries use postal codes while only the US uses Zip codes. As the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) Code was first used by the US Postal services in 1960.

It was previously 5 numerical digits but was later expanded to 9 digits. The United States currently use these 9 digits zip code even though it’s equivalent to the Nigeria postal codes and other countries’.

Based on the NIPOST structure system, the postal code in Nigeria is 6 digits. it’s shared among 9 regions with different codes. Hence, we can say there is nothing like a Zip code for Nigeria. There are only postal codes for Nigerian states or areas.

The first number of the Nigeria postal code indicates the region and the second and third are for the district. While the last 3 are for the specific area or location. That will explain why different areas in the same state have different Nigeria postcodes.

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Full Zip Code For Nigeria States

Below is the full list of the Postal codes in different Nigerian states.

  • Abia Postal Code is 440001
  • Adamawa Postal Code is 640001
  • Akwa Ibom Postal Code is 520001
  • Anambra Postal Code is 420001
  • Bauchi Postal Code is 740001
  • Bayelsa Postal Code is 561001
  • Benue Postal Code is 970001
  • Borno Postal Code is 600001
  • Cross River Postal Code is 540001
  • Delta Postal Code is 320001
  • Ebonyi Postal Code is 840001
  • Edo Postal Code is 300001
  • Ekiti Postal Code is 360001
  • Enugu Postal Code is 400001
  • Gombe Postal Code is 760001
  • Imo Postal Code is 460001
  • Jigawa Postal Code is 720001
  • Kaduna Postal Code is 700001
  • Kano Postal Code is 800001
  • Katsina Postal Code is 820001
  • Kebbi Postal Code is 860001
  • Kogi Postal Code is 260001
  • Kwara Postal Code is 240001
  • Lagos Mainland Postal Code is 100001
  • Lagos Island Postal Code is 101001
  • Nasarawa Postal Code is 962001
  • Niger Postal Code is 920001
  • Ogun Postal Code is 110001
  • Ondo Postal Code is 340001
  • Osun Postal Code is 230001
  • Oyo Postal Code is 200001
  • Plateau Postal Code is 930001
  • Rivers Postal Code is 500001
  • Sokoto Postal Code is 840001
  • Taraba Postal Code is 660001
  • Yobe Postal Code is 320001
  • Zamfara Postal Code is 860001
  • Abuja postal code is 900001

More on Nigeria Postal Codes

So, you can use any of these Nigerian postal codes depending on your area when shopping or filling in important documents.