Nigerian Diet For A Flat Stomach And Tricks

What foods can help to flatten the stomach? This article will focus on Nigerian foods that can help you to flatten your stomach. This is including a sure Nigerian diet for a flat stomach and tricks to get rid of belly fats.

Having a flat tummy help a lady to maintain her figure-eight shape. It can make her look sexier, younger, and walk majestically, without any iota of doubt about her beauty. No doubt, a flat tummy boosts self-esteem!

Men also maintain six-packs with a flat tummy to look more attractive and gorgeous. Maintaining a flat tummy and having six-packs will help you look younger and active.

To achieve any of these, what you need is the right Nigerian diet for a flat stomach and other tricks. However, before we list the foods to include in your Nigerian diet plan for flat tummy, let review the causes of Belly fats.

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5 Reasons Why You May Have A Belly Fat

Belly fat is the accumulation of fats that is more than 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women. It’s also known as Abdominal Obesity. Find below some reasons why you still have belly fats.

1. Unhealthy Consumption of Food

Most times, this belly fat is often caused by the food we eat, the size and time we eat the food. Consumption of a large bowl of food at once, especially solid Nigerian foods can make you get belly fats.

Eating very late at night also contributes to belly fat. This is because the daily activities will have ceased and the food will just be stored as fats. Which contributes tremendously to having big bellies.

For instance, eating late-night solid food like Eba, Fufu, Akpu, and some other proteinous food can cause belly fat. Just because, they are too starchy and full of carb and require high metabolism. At late night, the body is unable to do so because it’s resting and it eventually lead to a large belly.

2. Consumption of Sugary Drinks, Sodas, and Fruit Juices

Drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, fruity juice, Sodas, and so on also play a role in adding fats to the belly. Fruit Juices also has a high sugar content which results in belly fat.

Some people take these sugary drinks and fruit juices excessively. Unfortunately, these drinks are converted to fat by the liver and it increases the fat in their stomach.

3. Alcohols

Heavy consumption of alcohol will significantly increase your belly. Observational studies of most alcohol addict, show that they usually have big bellies.

So, If you wish to have a flat tummy or lose your belly fat, you should reduce or stop consuming Alcohol.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

The body hormone level can also induce belly fats especially when the cortisol level is raised. Mostly, the cortisol level is raised during a stressful period. It eventually leads to a reduction in metabolism as well as increased blood sugar.
Those body sugar are then added to the body including the belly as fats.

5. Malnutrition and Some Diseases Condition

Some diseases condition like Fibroid, Kwashiorkor (which is caused by malnutrition), and others can prevent you from having a flat tummy.

Tricks and Nigerian Diet for Flat Stomach 

So, let get down to the foods and Nigerian diet for a flat stomach that can help you get rid of belly fat.

1. Healthy Nigerian Diet For Flat Stomach 

Eating a planned and healthy meal can help to reduce your belly fat. For instance, your Nigerian diet plan for a flat tummy could go as follows;

  • A light breakfast combining Oat with chia seeds and natural strawberries is perfect for a flat tummy diet.
  • A moderate meal for lunch can either be solid or proteinous food such as Beans with plantain.
  • And a light meal for early dinners like a chicken with tomatoes, cauliflower, avocado, and cucumber will go well.

The essence of this meal plan is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some other Nigerian Diet for flat stomach includes;

  • Fatty fish like Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel is also part of the Nigerian diet for flat stomachs. They are rich in Omega-3 fat which is a good fat that can help to reduce belly fat.
  • High-quality protein food (like egg, fish, chicken) will also help you in your flat tummy journey.
  • Rich Fibre Carb including vegetables, fruits, and legumes, grains are also good. As long as their sugar level isn’t high.
    Note: Processed Carb and Junks are excluded.
  • Seeds oil like coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil are also part of a healthy Nigerian Diet for a flat tummy.

With all these above-listed, you should be able to create a Nigerian food timetable for flat tummy all by yourself.

2. Fruits

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables helps to prevent constipation. It helps to get rid of the metabolic waste on time which will help reduce abdominal loads and prevent dehydration. Hence, reducing any chances of fats that can be added to the tummy.

Fruits are also part of a Nigerian diet plan for a flat tummy. It can help to keep your skin glowing, you should try it out!
Note: Fruit juices are not the same thing as fruits. You should avoid them at all costs because they contain a huge amount of sugar. If you must take fruits, it’s either you eat them or make a smoothie (blending fruits with no additives) with them.

3. Exercise

Indulging in frequent exercises help to burn excessive calories and maintain a good body shape. As exercises will help to burn accumulated fats in the bellies.

By exercising, you stand a chance of getting flat tummies and six-packs. Because it will also help you to lower your blood sugar, reduce inflammation and help improve your metabolism rate.

4. Water

Drinking a lot of water also helps to prevent constipation and keep the stomach full. It helps to maintain a good ratio of food to body fluid. This alone limits the amount of food consumed hence reducing your belly fats.

Hence, water is also an important part of the Nigerian diet plan for flat tummy, you should not overlook it.

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5. Reducing stress and anxiety

Stressful events encourage the adrenal glands to produce cortisol hormone in the body. As mentioned earlier, the stress hormone (cortisol) level increases which eventually leads to the storage of fat in the belly.

So, it’s advisable to reduce daily stressful activities and anxiety if you aim to achieve a flat tummy.

8. Adequate Sleep

Sleep is necessary to get rid of excess fat. Try to have a quality deep sleep every day. Ensure you sleep at least 7 hours daily before midnight to lose your belly fat.

More on Nigerian Diet For Flat Stomach and Tricks

How can I get a flat stomach in 7 days at home? If you follow all the listed tricks and the Nigerian diet for a flat stomach, getting rid of your flat belly won’t be a problem.

Even though it won’t be quick as 7 days, it will take more time but will be long-lasting. So, you have to be consistent and patient when getting rid of belly fat because it can’t happen in a day or week.

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