Northern Delicacies You Should Try Out


Check out these Northern Delicacies you have been missing:

Nigeria is such a country endowed with a different culture, nativity and uniqueness in its regions.

Not limited to one but with different tribes each with their way of life in everything. We are so blessed among others with varieties of meals that are not just fascinating in the eye, but also tasty and good for well-being.

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Unfortunately, on many occasions, we place our priorities on eating the white-man-food (imported foods), whereas most of those foods, in the end, are harmful to our health because of the processes involved in making them.

Meanwhile, we have the local dishes that we should be proud of at all level.

Just like every other region in Nigeria, Northerners also have their kind of delicacies that you will never want to stop having a taste after trying it for the first time.

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These meals have been proven to be tasty, yummy, good for the body by different persons, ranging from celebrities, politicians, doctors inclusive, NYSC members and foreigners who have from their various region and native land visited Northern Nigeria in a lifetime, and have tasted their meals.

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A few photos of some of this meals enjoyed in the Northern part of Nigeria will be displayed below, you can sure get in touch with a northern friend for further enquiry on how to make these dishes.

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If you have tasted any of the below, name it in the comment box below, and testify of your experience with the meal you tasted.

See Photos below;


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