Six Mistakes You Must Avoid With Church Leaders

First and foremost, building a very good relationship with your Church leaders/Pastor is paramount as a believer. There is much to benefit in doing so, it’s Biblical to honor them, care for them and also wish them well.

More so, you never can tell what God can do through them to your life, now or thereafter. At times opportunities coming your way might require their trust or just a recommendation from them to make it a reality.

Remember they are also given some societal, social, and educational benefits. They are not limited to only preaching and praying for the Church.

Six Mistakes You Must Avoid With Church Leaders

However, despite all that it is to benefit from honoring God in their lives, these below are things you as a member must avoid with them so as to stay safe.

1- Avoid Over Familiarity

Like I noted above, it is not bad to be close to your spiritual leaders. But, in the same vein, being too familiar with them can be dangerous. What do I mean?

If you are too close to your leaders, you may end up offending them spiritually, it might be unknown to them but it is always dangerous when you say, act or disclose negatively of your leader to another person. This often happens and many count it as nothing bad.

You may offend their maker who knows all that is hidden.

2- Deciding for You who to Marry

It is not a bad idea when you ask your pastor to help in praying for your future partner, but it is very dangerous when you allow them to choose for you the person to marry.

If your pastor has told you who he sees in revelation as your life partner, the question I have for you is, have you been convinced of the same? Has God revealed the same to you or the person in question?

Don’t be deceived, some of these are planned.

3- Avoid Telling Your Pastors/ Leaders all your Family Problems

God solves man’s problem, not man solving for his fellow. Yes God used men to meet needs, but when it comes to home feuds and challenges, please relate it to God. He is able to hear you from your closet. If you are convinced to meet your pastor for a need, am not against it, but while doing that, don’t go into another discussion that may get you to expose some secrets that are supposed to be between you and your man.

Some of them are not good at keeping secrets. Especially when it’s against their beliefs. You might end up putting yourself into trouble.

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4. Avoid the Habit of Criticising Your Pastor

Most people are not careful enough with critics. Even criticizing your fellow friend or relative is dangerous not to talk of men of God.

Sometimes people go-ahead to talk negatively of Church leaders, it’s a very dangerous thing to do as a believer. Remember, Judge not.

If you notice any of your Church Leaders with a wrong act, please it’s advisable you meet them and discuss your opinion on the matter, or if you can’t, then pray to God to help them overcome whatever it is.

Don’t go instead of talking it to people out there. You are not solving it but rather creating another problem for yourself, the Church, and the society at large.

5. Avoid Been Too Casual or Been Too Exposed to your Pastors

This goes to the Ladies:

As a lady, it is very dangerous to be too close, casual, exposed to your pastor and church leaders.

They have blood running in them as you are too. They have feelings and can fall just like every other person out there.

Mind your closeness with them, avoid body exposure wears around them, they are not your siblings or parent. If your Church Leaders are the weak type, you might lead them easily to engage you in immorality, leading the two of you to fall.

Do yourself good by keeping some distance. You are not his secretary and even if you are. Things must be done with all carefulness and fear of God. Don’t be the reason why your Pastor will end in hell.

6. Avoid making them Your Idol

Many believers today have damaged their life spiritually not because they don’t go to Church or they don’t believe in Christ Jesus.

It’s a thing to believe in your pastor’s message, it’s another thing to also know if he or she is speaking the mind of God all the time. They are humans like you, they are bound to make mistakes too.

Note: not all that your pastor preaches is rooted and comes from the throne of God. Sometimes they preach out of emotion and perception.

Make your Bible the reference point. Always verify your leader’s message, not because you don’t believe in them, but because you understand that they are human beings too and that they can make errors in whatever.

I can assure you that many have fallen victims to pastors, they end up having challenges in life, Maritally, spiritually, socially, and morally because of what they have been taught by their spiritual leaders which are never God’s mind and plan.

Listen to your leaders, but be sure God is the real voice behind their words.