NYSC: Business Ideas For Youth Corpers in Nigeria

Are you looking for lucrative Business Ideas For Youth Corpers In Nigeria? are you currently serving Nigeria but want to also start up something for yourself? if yes, this article is written especially for you.

It’s that time of the year again when students are being mobilized into different regions of the country to go and serve their fatherland under the name NYSC. It is the mandatory one-year program where what you would earn is largely dependent on where you get posted for your PPA and in most cases, it only depends on what the government gives you.

But, did you know that this one-year period is actually one of the best periods that you have to make some cool cash online? Yeah, you don’t have to depend on “allawee” alone, and for those that are still lucky enough, not every time do you have to call home. Want to make some extra naira while on service? Let’s check out the 4-point agenda below together.

1. Data Entry

We didn’t stammer, and our hands didn’t slip when we were typing this so we know what you are talking about. Some of you might be wondering how possible it is to gain extra income from entering data but it is truly possible.

All that you would need to do is enter some specific set of data that would be given to you into the database of a company or organization and they would even be the ones to provide you with the needed software. We are not promising that this would make you rich in one day, but you’ll surely get enough to get you by.

2. Freelance Journalism

Journalism has left that which we knew in those old days when the only people that can be considered journalists are those that appear in print. With the advent of the internet now, you can now become a freelance journalist if you have access to a personal blog or that of a news agency.

The good news here is that as long as there’s news, which there would always be, and you’ve got a good internet connection, you are good to go.

3. Writing

Writing has become a hotcake for a lot of people now and there is still a chance for you to share in that cake before it goes old, and that is during your NYSC year.

With the volume of blogs, online journals, and websites out there, not everyone has the time to update their content and that is where you come in. with very good writing skills, a good command of grammar, and impeccable language too, you could be negotiating your way into cool deals.

4. Graphics Designing

Last on our list of Business Ideas For Youth Corpers In Nigeria is graphics designing. This is one of the goldmines of online businesses, and there is simply no limit to how much you can earn. If you have a good eye and hand for design and you can use the latest apps on the market very well, this is a very lucrative venture for you.

There are freelancing websites such as Fiverr that will allow you to showcase and sell your talent and there are also local platforms where you can get the word out. With graphics design, just make a good first impression and after your NYSC, you would have had a very strong client base.

As it is, NYSC is stressful enough. We don’t want you to add financial worries to it.