How to Make Money on TikTok

TikTok is a young social network that is growing rapidly. At the beginning of 2020, the audience on TikTok was more than a billion users – more than on YouTube or Instagram. In Nigeria, 8 million people visit TikTok every month. And all of them are potential customers.

At TikTok, users can post 15-second videos. Entertainment videos are gaining millions of views. Thanks to audience loyalty and low competition (when compared with other social networks), TikTok opens up opportunities for anyone who wants to promote their account, monetize it, and earn real money.

Success in this matter depends on the availability of free time, knowledge and skills, a creative approach, and a desire to work. Everyone will find a way to make money at TikTok.

How to Make Money on TikTok 2022

Advertising Music Tracks

Most videos in “TikTok” are released to music. This helps the tracks gain popularity with the audience because other bloggers begin to repeat the original video and promote the author.

So the less popular performers turn to tickers with a request to record a video for their song. You can independently search for “customers” in different musical public places where novice musicians upload their tracks. Then you can shoot videos for their songs, record covers, come up with challenges, etc.

Recording clips in “TikTok” is quite simple, therefore hundreds and thousands of videos are published per day, due to which audio tracks can quickly reach a wide audience. As for payment, “TikTok” is a young advertising platform, so no one knows the high prices and specific amounts. But given the pace TikTok is developing, over the years, ad prices will rise.

Collaboration with brands

This method of earning smoothly migrated to “TikTok” from “Instagram”. The scheme works something like this: you have a thematic blog dedicated, for example, to drawing or cosmetics. You are gaining popularity, and manufacturers of the corresponding product offer cooperation as an ambassador.

 You are provided with a brand product – and you shoot videos with it, place a logo or other types of hidden advertising on the video. This type of advertising is called product placement. You can also create and publish viral videos sponsored by the brand, as well as promote various challenges launched by the brand using the appropriate hashtags.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

You can cooperate with other “tiktokers” in terms of mutual PR or advertising. This allows you to attract a new audience. Joint videos, collaborations, creatives, challenges, mention of other users, and more. There are many options.

You can collaborate not only with tiktokers, but also with bloggers from other social networks. Through your account, in “TikTok” you can redirect an active audience to “Instagram” or “YouTube”. Thus, you can advertise blogs of those who are promoted on other social networks.

Monetization of Live Broadcasts

The application allows you to conduct live broadcasts and make money on them. But keep in mind that live broadcasts are available for users whose accounts have at least 1000 people subscribed.

There are 2 ways to make money on live broadcasts.

  1. Advertising products or services on your live streams. You can find an advertiser or promote your product.
  2. You can monetize live broadcasts at the expense of viewers who will send donations.

In Nigeria, few “tiktokers” earn this way, unlike foreign countries. This type of earnings is usually regarded as additional. There are no serious amounts to earn here. Although it all depends on the size and solvency of the audience.

Maintain Other People’s Accounts

Many stars and businessmen are aware of the need to have popular accounts in “TikTok” but do not have the time and desire to do so. They are ready to pay someone who will lead and promote their account in a quality manner.

Therefore, if you have gained experience on your blog, you can become a content manager or administrator of someone else’s account. Your responsibilities will include: writing scripts for videos, looking for promotion channels, working with an audience, editing videos, etc. That is, you will have to perform the full range of work on account management.

Selling Videos to Other Users

There are always more people who want to have a popular account in “TikTok” than those who can shoot interesting videos. Therefore, you can make money by shooting or editing videos for other users. To do this, you need to master the skills of video shooting and editing, be able to come up with and write scripts for videos, to understand the trends.

Prices for videos can be different – depending on the complexity. For example, typical videos that do not require special preparation or creativity will be cheaper than a custom-made video. A reference point in prices can be the photo stock, on which 15-second clips are sold for about $ 65 (for the exclusive sale of the clip).

Integrate Your Business Into The Application

“TikTok” is still an untapped tool for promoting your business and attracting customers. Thanks to the untwisted channel, you can redirect traffic to other social networks and advertise your product. For example, a veterinary clinic may post videos with kittens and dogs. 

A craftsman can publish the process of creating a product, a make-up artist is vivid examples of transformation, etc. The main thing is to enter the theme of your business into the format of the application itself. Get creative and humorous. Add your logo to the video, attach a link to your “Instagram” so that users can quickly contact you.

Redirect Traffic to Other Sites

We already mentioned this scheme earlier. But now it is proposed to redirect traffic, not to someone else’s account, but to increase the audience of their accounts in other social networks where views will already be monetized in a long known way. For example, if you already have a YouTube channel, then you can redirect your viewers there to “TikTok”.

Earnings on Likes and Comments

Actual for any social network, because everywhere there are people who want to quickly promote their accounts. There are services ready to provide such a service. They hire people who like and write comments for a small fee.

It’s difficult to call it “income”, but as a way to earn a little money – quiet. It is enough to register at once in several such services and perform simple tasks for which a nominal fee is charged.

Selling Accounts

If you are already an experienced ticker and have figured out the secret of success in this social network, then you can create “TikTok” channels for sale.

Scheme: open an account on a new phone number, upload videos to it, promote it, gain subscribers – at least 10 thousand people, and then sell the channel through account exchanges. Sales go through forums and exchanges of freelancers. Prices are different and depend on the popularity of the account.

Tips For Those That Want to Make Money on TikTok:

  • Remember that subscribers are your main source of income. The stability and size of your income depends on them. Therefore, do not abuse the wrapping, for a successful business in “TikTok” you need a “live” audience.
  • To gain an active audience, use mutual PR, buy ads from popular “tikers”, hold contests, use hashtags, participate in challenges. Use music from the TOP in your videos, as under each popular track are videos with its use. Another way to attract attention is to post reactions to popular videos.
  • Create creative content: come up with interesting stories, find unusual images and locations, look for new formats, and use unique processing, filters and stickers to make your videos stand out from the rest.
  • Monetizing your account is best from the moment you are confident in your audience. You should not rush to advertise everything in a row if you have just over a thousand subscribers.
  • If you plan to make money on advertising, always remember that you need to filter it: it must be of high quality and unobtrusive. Promote only quality products. Remember that you take responsibility for the products that you advise your subscribers.

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Today “TikTok” is one of the three most popular social networks. The secret of success lies in its simplicity and democracy. The application provides tools that are understandable for any user, does not put forward strict requirements for the content, makes it easy to gain views and reach a wide audience.

Promoting in “TikTok” is much easier than on “Instagram” or YouTube. The competition is low and the mechanics of the social network itself helps in a natural increase in traffic.

Therefore, do not miss your chance. You already have ideas on how to make money at TikTok. It’s time to act!