NYSC: List of States That Pay Youth Corpers High Allowances

List of States That Pay Youth Corpers High Allowances- A topic every NYSC member would love to read. It is no more news that the Federal Government of Nigeria had agreed and began to pay corp members a monthly allowance of N33,800. Such is an increment triggered by the new minimum wage Act.

While the rumors of this latest development had been on the air for months like wildfire, it has now come into reality. But little do some NYSC aspirants know that some states do pay allawee too.

Although the amount each state pay varies from the other. Some pay as low as N1,500, some pay N10,000 while some don’t even bother paying.

Equally, if the little stipend being paid by some states can be added to the allowance being paid by the Federal Government, then the serious one will be able to save some proceeds for the dry season.

Apart from all these allowances, you also stand a chance to earn extra money as a youth corp member. This is possible if you are at the mercy of a gallant place of primary assignment (PPA) or you get another contract to work on a part-time basis somewhere else.

Such is what corp members popular call extra PPA. What an opportunity to save little to live a decent life after NYSC year before you get a high-paying job.

Without further delay, if you are in need of a comprehensive list of the States that pay allowance to their corp members, congratulates yourself for coming down here.Read Also: Full List of Things You Need for NYSC Camp

NYSC: List of States That Pay Youth Corpers High Allowances

Without any recourse to the digits, below is the full list of states that pays allawee in Nigeria.

1. Lagos State

Amount N5,000

Lagos state is the hub of commerce in Nigeria, is one of the States That Pay Youth Corpers High Allowances in Nigeria.

Life in Lagos is not easy and a little compensation from the state as a monthly stipend is not that bad.

However, Lagos State alone is ranked as the 4th largest economy in Africa and the state pays it, corp members, N5,000.

2. Abia State

Amount N5,000

Abia state is situated in the southeastern part of the country. This part of Nigeria is largely dominated by the Igbo ethnic group and the majority of them are Christians.

Accordingly, the Abia state is one of the most preferred states of primary assignment by the corp members who love to serve in the zone.

When it comes to state allowance, Abia state cannot be overemphasized. The state pays its corp members a sum of N5,000 as monthly proceeds.

3. Bayelsa State

Amount: N3,000

Also on the list of States that pays NYSC allawee in Nigeria is Bayelsa State. With its capital in Yenagoa and located in the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

This state is one of the states often refers to as the Niger Delta region. This part of the country is known to be the oil-producing region of the country.

Bayelsa state is an oil-producing state is one of the richest states in Nigeria in terms of revenue. The state also pays its corp members a sum of N3,000 as a monthly allowance.

However, the money is usually reserved for the corp members till the end of their NYSC service year before they collect it in total.

4. Cross River

Amount: N3,000

Cross River state is another part of the country that constitutes the great Niger Delta. Although Cross River cannot be fully and officially call an oil-producing state.

However, unlike other states in the region, Cross Rivers cannot be said to be an oil-producing state officially.

However, it is also one of the few states in Nigeria that pays youth corp members a sum of N3,000 as a monthly allawee.

5. Delta State

Amount: N5,000

Delta State can also be found in the Niger Delta part of the country. It’s also oil-producing and it pays a sum of N5,000 to corp members as a monthly allowance.

6. Ekiti State

Amount: N5,000

Ekiti State belongs to the Yoruba highland and it can be found in the south-west region. A part of the country largely dominated by the Yoruba-speaking group.

When it comes to academics, Ekiti State can never be left out. The state has the highest number of professors in the country.

The state is also doing well by paying its corp members a sum of N5,000 monthly as an allowance.

7. Jigawa State

Amount: N5,000

Jigawa state can be found in northwestern Nigeria. Such is a region dominated predominantly by the Hausa – Fulani speaking groups and they are virtually all Muslims.

However, Jigawa state is also doing well by paying N5,000 to it corp members monthly.

8. Kaduna State

Amount: N3,000

Kaduna state can also be found in the north-western part of Nigeria. In terms of ethnicity, the Kaduna state is no doubt one of the heterogeneous states in Nigeria.

Being a center of learning, the state also pays corners the sum ofN3,000 as a monthly bonus.

9. Kano State

Amount: N4,000

Kano state is the center of commerce and one of the most love places for the corners that want to serve in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Kano is arguably the best state to serve in Nigeria as opportunities abound there. It pays corners the sum of N4,000 monthly.

10. Ogun State

Amount: N5,000

Ogun State is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is the most industrial state in Nigeria and the corpers posted there are being paid N5,000 monthly.

11. Osun State

Amount: N5,000

Osun State is another Yoruba-speaking state. The state is also doing well by paying it corpers N5,000 as a monthly allowance.

12. Oyo State

Amount: N3,800

Oyo State is the most populated state in the south-western and Nigeria as a whole. Being one of the most important states in the ancient Yoruba kingdom, Oyo state pays it NYSC corp membersN3,800 per month.

13. Sokoto State

Amoun: N4,000

Most of the NYSC members don’t like to be posted to Sokoto state because it is located at the far northwestern part of Nigeria. But they used to fall in love with the state in the long run.

Sokoto state is the seat of the Caliphate and houses the magnificentSultan of Sokoto, head of the Muslim religion in Nigeria.

The state also pays NYSC members N4,000 per month.

14. Zamfara State | N3,000

Zamfara State is also located in northwestern Nigeria and it pays its NYSC members the sum of N3,000 as a monthly allowance.

The above listed are the state that pays corpers monthly allawee. Hope you found it helpful.

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