Oil Wells in Nigeria and Their Locations: Full List of Owners

Being the largest producer of oil in Africa, there are many oil wells in Nigeria which can be found in different states and cities. Since the discovery of crude oil in Oloibiri in 1956, many locations have been discovered to be endowed with oil reserves.

Are you interested in knowing the number of oil wells in Nigeria and their locations? Finish reading this article to find out the list of oil wells in Nigeria with their locations and names of the owners.

What is Oil Wells and Oil Blocks?

What is the difference between oil wells and oil blocks? Many people are confused when it comes to differentiating between oil wells and oil blocks. Although they are related, they are not the same. Check out 5 Business Opportunities in Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria

Oil blocks also known as oil fields is a large areas of land, earth surface, or below water level with an abundance of oil pockets. It is capable of producing crude oils and natural gas depending on the oil blocks. While oil wells are holes dug onto the earth’s surface to bring petroleum and other products out of the earth’s surface.

That being said, below are the list of different oil wells in Nigeria and their various states.

Top List of Oil Wells in Nigeria and Their Locations

There are over 1481 oil wells in Nigeria with more than 159 registered Oil blocks or fields. Most of these oil wells and fields are located in the Southern parts of the country.

In no order of priority, below is the list of states and the number of their respective oil wells.

Rivers State

Rivers state is one of the states with many oil wells in Nigeria. Port Harcourt which is one of the cities in the state is filled with many top oil-producing companies.

With over 344,000 barrels being produced in a day, the city is at the helm of oil production affairs in the country.

Abia State

Another Southeastern state at the helm of oil production affairs in Nigeria is the Abia State. There are over 100 oil wells with 3 flow stations installed in the state.

With over 36, 000 barrels of crude oil produced per day, Abia State is one of the largest oil-producing states in Nigeria.

Delta State

Here is also one of the states with the largest oil wells in Nigeria and other mineral resources. Delta state has one of the largest crude oil and natural gas deposits in Nigeria. Apart from the fact that over 350,000 barrels of oil are produced daily, there are other mineral resources like limestone, silica, kaolin, tar, sand, industry clay, and others that are found in the state.

Imo State

Imo state has over 163 oil wells in 12 different locations including Ohaji, Oru East, Oru West, Oboro, Ngor Okpak, Egbema, Oguta, and other places. The state contributes greatly to the Country’s crude oil reserves and economy through these oil wells.

Lagos State

Being one of the richest states in Nigeria, Lagos state contributes greatly to the economy of the country through its different activities. Oil blocks were discovered in Lagos state in 2016. Since then, it has contributed greatly to the country’s oil reserves with over 39,000 barrels produced daily. Check out the list of oil companies in Lagos

Bayelsa State

No doubt, Bayelsa state is one of the states at the forefront of oil production in Nigeria. Crude Oil was first discovered in Oloibiri, Bayelsa state in 1956 before other locations were discovered. Since then, it has contributed greatly to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.


Here is another Southern state that has contributed greatly to the economy of the country. Akwa-Ibom is blessed with huge oil and gas reserves. Hence, many multinational oil companies can be found in the state. Some of which include Chevron corporations, SHELL, Total, NNPC, and so on. Over 550 barrels of oil and gas are produced every day in the state.

Edo State

In addition, Edo state is one of the top oil-producing states in Nigeria. The Southern state contributed to the oil and gas industry through its oil and gas reserves.

List of Oil Wells Owners in Nigeria

Now that we have discussed the top oil-producing states with their oil wells and location, next is the list of top oil wells owners in Nigeria.

Oil wells are usually assigned based on bids and the merits of the interested person. Bear in mind that there are many key players in the oil and gas industry. Some of them are government officials, and private individuals while some owned the oil wells by proxy.

Find below the full list of licensed oil wells owners in Nigeria.

  • A Tinubu
  • Onoh Anthony
  • Onoh Christiana
  • Onoh Ngozi
  • George Udoekong
  • Nwauche Erastus
  • Unejei T
  • Akinro C.A
  • Ewendu Chidi
  • General Theophilus Danjuma
  • Colonel Sanni Bello
  • Alhaji Indimi
  • Alhaji Mohammed Ludimi
  • Alhaji W.I. Folawiyo
  • Alhaji Aminu Cantata
  • Alhaji Sela Mohammed Gambo
  • Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero
  • Alhaji Mai Daribo
  • Rilwan Lukman
  • Atiku Abubakar
  • Yar’ Adua
  • Bayero
  • Ibrahim Bunu
  • Udoji
  • Saleh Jambo
  • Sanni Bello
  • Aminu Alhassan dantata
  • Arthur Eze
  • O Abiola
  • Mohammed Indimi
  • Kase Lawal
  • Olukun
  • Dan Etete
  • Peter Odili
  • Andy Uba
  • Emeka Offor
  • Mike Adenuga
  • Alfred James
  • Femisola Awosika
  • O. Adeyinka
  • David Richards
  • Ibukun Olawepo
  • Rachel Akintola
  • C Orjiako
  • Reggie Uduhim
  • Lulu Briggs
  • Mai Derive
  • Module Alakija
  • Said Kuashi
  • Appia Korang
  • Peppe
  • Oba Gbadebo
  • A Kpata
  • George Udoekong
  • Aliyu Abubakar
  • Brigidi David
  • Alamieyesheiga Anitonbrapa,
  • Ifimaim Ekine,
  • Jonathan Selereipre,
  • Enddel Francis
  • Chinwetelu Chris
  • Williams E.J
  • Adeyemo
  • O Osunsanya
  • Boyo
  • Du-Frayed
  • Baba Lawal
  • Cole Tonye
  • Odunsi Ade
  • Adeniji Titi
  • Akinla Ladipo
  • Bentley John
  • Ciroma Musa
  • Fatona Layi
  • Aret Adams,
  • Uduimp Itsueli
  • Sammy Olagbaju
  • David Richard
  • Udi Ibru
  • Macpepple Victoria
  • MacPepple Henry
  • Macpepple Joy
  • MacPepple Emmanuel
  • MacPepple Elfrida
  • Usman Danburran
  • Nwauche Erastus
  • Onoh Anthony
  • Onoh Christiana
  • Onoh Ngozi

Final Thought on Oil Wells in Nigeria

Oil wells in Nigeria are of great importance and economic significance considering their huge contribution to the country’s gross domestic profit. Hence, there are over 388 oil blocks in Nigeria of which there are 173 active blocks.

We hope you find this article on oil wells in Nigeria with their locations and owners helpful?

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