Top 5 Business Opportunities in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry

Are you interested in the list of amazing business ideas and opportunities available in the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry? Are you passionate about starting a business in the Oil and Gas sector but stuck on what to capitalize on?

Well, there is no point in disputing the fact that the Oil and Gas industry is one of the fast-rising industry in Nigeria that doesn’t look like it will stop in many years to come. In fact, the way and manner business investors from other parts of the world are investing in the Oil and Gas downstream here in Nigeria is jaw-dropping.

Without much ado, if you are considering venturing into this lucrative industry but don’t know which niche to capitalize on, endeavor to read this article line by line in other not to miss a grip. #Winks!

Though not limited to the below-listed businesses, they are the profitable and ultra lucrative business opportunities you can venture into in the Oil and Gas industry.

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  1. Petroleum Tanker Dealer

One of the business you can do in the Nigeria oil and gas industry to establish a steady income is the sale of petroleum tankers. Prejudice is given to this business because one of the major things that keep the industry up and running is the petrol tankers.

If you will like to invest your hard-earned money here, be informed that the business will cost you an enormous amount of money, to begin with, but the rate at which you will realize your investment return will be shocking.

  1. Sale of Cooking Gas

Another lucrative business opportunity that awaits you in the oil and gas station is the sale and distribution of Cooking gas. After all, almost every household in Nigeria now has Cooking gas. Investing your money in this business niche isn’t a bad thing.

  1. Petrol Station Construction

The rate at which Nigerians are building a filling/petrol station these days has skyrocketed. In case you are a civil engineer but will like to scoop your own part in the booming oil sector, Petrol Station construction is a perfect business for you.

  1. Natural Gas Marketing

This is a business idea for the giant business moguls. This business requires one to have a license and working permit in other to have access to the business operation. In case you are a business investor with millions of dollars, natural gas marketing is one of the real deals of the oil and gas business realm.

  1. Pipeline Security

The last on the list of the available business idea in the oil and gas industry is the pipeline security business. The history of the pipeline vandalism in Nigeria is not something old, it still exists until today. You can open a security agency who will be fighting vandalization and get paid for the service rendered.

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While you may be wondering while all the above-listed jobs require a huge capital investment, don’t forget that this is the oil and gas industry where ‘money’ itself lives.


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