PDP Rejects Increased Petrol Price, Electricity Tariff

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has rejected the latest increase in the price of petrol to N151 per liter and electricity tariff to N66 per kWh under the administration of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The PDP described the increment as “callous, cruel and punishing” and is demanding an immediate reversal of the prices.

According to the PDP, the increase in petrol and electricity tariff will worsen the hardship faced by Nigerians.

“The increase will result in an upsurge in costs of goods and services and worsen the biting hardship being faced by Nigerians, who are already impoverished and overburdened”.

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Speaking further, the PDP noted that the leadership of other countries is offering palliatives to its citizens in order to cushion the effect of the pandemic.

The PDP also challenged the APC to publish the parameters with which the price of fuel was increased.

“Our party challenges the APC and the Muhammadu Buhari administration to publish the parameters with which it arrived at the increase of fuel price to N151 per liter given that with the prevailing values in the international market, the appropriate price template for domestic pump price in Nigeria ought not to be above N100 per liter”.

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The PDP also accused the APC and its government of failing “to allow an open investigation into allegations of fuel price overcharge as well as the fraudulent subsidy regime through which over N14 trillion had allegedly been frittered by unscrupulous individuals in the APC”.

The PDP added that the administration of the APC is pushing Nigerians to the wall with “its obnoxious and anti-people proclivities” and cautioned that the peaceful and law-abiding nature of Nigerians should not be considered as a sign of weakness.

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The opposition party is also calling on the National Assembly to intervene by calling the APC-led administration to order.


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