Full Biography of Pete Edochie & Net Worth: [Nollywood Icon]

Pete Edochie contribution to Nollywood is exceptional, worthy of commending, he is an actor that started at the early age of 20, he has been in the industry for decades.

He actually came into the limelight in the early 80s, in 1980 precisely when he starred in a movie titled “Okonkwo” which was a script from the popular Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”.

This great icon since he started his career has featured in hundreds of movies, he acted in Nollywood English movies and Nollywood Igbo movies, also, he has featured in some international movies.

Pete Edochie is rated as one of Africas greatest actors and no doubt this feat is well deserved, also honored by the Nigerian Ex-president “Olusegun Obasanjo” in 2003 as a Member of the Order of Niger.

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Pete Edochie Profile

Full Name:Pete Edochie
Date of Birth:7th, March 1947
Place of Birth:Enugu
State of Origin:Anambra
Native language:Igbo
Marital to:Josephine Edochie
Children:6 children (Yul Edochie)
Net worth:$3.8 Million

Early Life

Born on the 7th of March, 1947 in Enugu, Douth-Eastern region of Nigeria. Pete Edochie is originally a native of Anambra though he grew up in Kaduna, the Northern region of the country. This gives him the opportunity to understand and speak Hausa fluently.


Pete Edochie had his elementary education at the St. Patrick’s and St. James Primary School in Zaria, then had his secondary school education at St. John’s College also in Zaria. After his first school leaving certificate exam he attended the School of Journalism and Television in England where he added some certification to his C.V.

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Immediately he finished his secondary school education before deciding to move abroad to study, he worked at the Nigerian Railway Corporation.


In 1967, Pete Edochie began his career in broadcasting working as a junior program assistant and as time goes he was promoted to the post of director where he also shows his effectiveness.

After some years working in the Nigerian broadcasting company he joined the Nigerian movie industry Nollywood to start a full-time acting career, he actually left the broadcasting company mainly because it is being politicized.

Joining Nollywood has been a very brilliant move by the Nollywood veteran, he came into limelight after playing a lead role, Okonkwo in a screen adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart novel.

His journey as an actor in the Nigerian movie industry was successful as his acting prowl is extremely unique. He acts mainly as a father or king, though he acted in other roles perfectly.

Though Pete Edochie has been acting right from his secondary school days (St. John’s College), 1962 to be precise at a very young age of 15.

After his the release of the successful movie “Things Fall Apart”, he was opened to a lot of interviews to the extend that BBC came down to Nigeria to interview him, since then he got international recognition and he has been at the top of his game.

Pete Edochie was known to act in English and Igbo movies but he has also appeared in Yoruba movies and other languages from various tribes in Nigeria.

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In the year 2000, he appeared in a Yoruba movie titled “Oduduwa, he also starred in some other movies like Rejection Son in 2003, Lost Kingdon, Set Up, Battle Line and so on. Most of the movies he appeared on can also be found on Netflix.

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Personal Life

Pete Edochie’s biography will never be complete without telling you his personal life and most especially his love life. Pete Edochie got married to his wife Josephine Edochie when he was 22 years of age.

The marriage was blessed with 6 children of which 5 are males and 1 female, one of his children Yul Edochie is also a great actor in Nollywood.

Awards & Recognitions

Pete Edochie is an A-list actor and an award-winning Nollywood thespian, he has gotten himself plenty of recognitions, nominations and also awards, as mentioned earlier in 2003 he was inducted into the hall of fame and not long after that he was honored as a Member of the Order of Nigeria by President Olusegun Obasanjo. Below we have listed some of his awards:

  • Movie Personality of the Year by City People Magazine – (1999)
  • Best Actor in Africa by Censors’ Board – (2001)
  • Best Nigerian Actor by Censors’ Board – (2003)
  • Member of the Order of the Niger by Olusegun Obasanjo – (2003)
  • Best of Nollywood (BON) – (2013)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by Africa Movie Academy Awards – (2013)
  • Industry Merit Award by Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards -(2014)
  • Life Impact Awards by Times Heroes Awards – (2017)
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Net Worth

Pete Edochie’s net worth is estimated to be about $3.8 million, his earnings are attributed to his donkey years of working hard in the Nollywood movie industry. He is one of the richest Nollywood actors and also one of the most influential in the industry.

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Pete Edochie has acted in many movies and also has produced some for himself, some of the movies he featured in are:

  • Things Fall Apart (1987), TV series
  • Rituals (1997)
  • Chain Reaction (1999)
  • Lost Kingdom (1999)
  • Narrow Escape (1999)
  • Living in Darkness (1999)
  • Oduduwa (2000)
  • Set-Up (2000)
  • Greedy Genius (2001)
  • Terrible Sin (2001)
  • Holy Ghost Fire (2001)
  • Battle Line (2002)
  • My Love (2002)
  • Tears & Sorrows (2002)
  • Miserable Wealth (2003)
  • The Omega (2003)
  • Egg of Life (2003)
  • Rejected Son (2003)
  • Selfish Desire (2003)
  • Super Love (2003)
  • Tears in the Sun (2003)
  • Above Death: In God We Trust (2003)
  • Arrows (2003)
  • Billionaire Club (2003)
  • Tunnel of Love (2003)
  • Love & Politics (2003)
  • Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage (2003)
  • When God Says Yes (2003)
  • Honey (2003)
  • The Staff of Odo (2004)
  • St. Michael (2004)
  • Coronation (2004)
  • The Heart of Man (2004)
  • Across the Niger (2004)
  • Dons in Abuja (2004)
  • Love from Above (2004)
  • My Desire (2004)
  • Negative Influence (2004)
  • King of the Jungle (2004)
  • Dogs Meeting (2004)
  • End of Money (2005)
  • Ola… the Morning Sun (2005)
  • Price of Ignorance (2005)
  • The Price of Love: Life Is Beautiful (2005)
  • Sacred Tradition (2005)
  • The Tyrant (2005)
  • Baby Girl (2005)
  • Living in Tears (2005)
  • Azima (2005)
  • Never End (2005)
  • No More War (2005)
  • Fair Game (2006)
  • Holy Cross (2006)
  • Passage of Kings (2006)
  • Simple Baby (2006)
  • Lacrima (2006)
  • Living with Death (2006)
  • Zoza (2006)
  • Secret Pain (2007)
  • Last Ofalla
  • Lion throne
  • Lion of Africa
  • Igodo
  • Evil men
  • Monkey chop banana
  • Idemili
  • 50 days with Christ
  • The Egg


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