Prank Call Numbers: Top Funny Numbers to Call When you are bored

Prank call numbers can be useful especially when you’re bored or stuck at home. Are you searching for the prank call numbers list? This article contains a list of funny phone numbers to call that will answer immediately.

As much as it is good to have a number to call to make you smile and relieve boredom. It is important to ensure the number won’t disturb you later with calls. That is why we have taken our time to gather funny phone numbers including automated messages, and emergency and personal phone numbers that will cheer you help without any cost.

Top Prank Call Numbers to Call When you are Bored

Below is the prank call numbers list to call when you’re bored or wish to prank someone without any consequences.

1. Santa Number: 16034134124

One of the funny phone numbers you can call that will answer is Santa’s number. Are you bored with your kids? You can call ahead of Christmas and get Santa to choose different gifts for the kids. Now, this will be fun as most kids believe Santa is a person, and getting a gift from Santa will sound great to them.

Although, calling Santa by dialing 1-603-413-4124 link you to an automated system rather than a real person. You may want to try it out yourself and get blown away by the responses even though you may not be that fascinated, unlike the kids who believe there is a Santa somewhere. See How to Track a Phone Number that calls you without identity.

2. Don’t Complain: 605–475–6973

Here is another funny number to call to lift your mood when things are not going the right way. All you need to do is to dial 605–475–6973 and let the voice on the other line motivate you.

In addition, this automated system is useful for individuals who are fond of complaints and groans. Do you have a friend who is accustomed to whining or complaining? Giving them this useful funny number to call can make them rethink life.

3. Rejection Number: (605) 4756968

A rejection number or hotline is one of the prank call numbers you can call that will answer. Do you have anyone whom you wish to reject nicely without offending them? Give them this number and the person would understand that you are not interested in them.

The rejection hotlines or themes started in 2001 in Atlanta before they spread to other countries and cities. All the person needs is to dial (605) 4756968 and the automated voice on the other line will explain possible reasons why you reject the person.

4. Bad Breath Hotline: 605-475-6959

Bad Breath Hotline is also one of the prank call numbers to call that will answer. Have you met anyone who you wish to inform about their bad breath without sounding offensive? Just give such individuals the bad breath hotline to call and they will get the memo.

5. Havard Sentences: 858-651-5050

Are you looking for a prank call number to call when you feel stuck at home? You can dial 858-651-5050 to listen to different well-written poems spoken by different speakers. The words flow are amazing to the ear rather than the meaning.

These beautiful phrases are known as Havard Sentences and they were introduced back in 1968 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to measure speech quality. Therefore, it is one of the funny numbers to call when you’re bored to lift your mood.

6. It Could Be Worse Than This: 605–475–6964

Here is one of the best prank call numbers on our list. Calling the line helps to lift your mood, put a smile on your face and give relief. The voice on the other side is helpful especially when you are having a bad day. Instead of feeling bad and draining your energy with worry, you can take solace by dialing 605–475–6964.

In addition, the funny number is helpful for serial complainers who can’t seem to find any good in a situation. You can also give a friend to change their perspective about life.

7. Divorce Number: 605-675-6960

Divorce Number is one of the prank call numbers to call especially if you’re having issues with your marriage. You can use it to prank your partner thereby keeping them on their toes by swapping your number with the divorce number.

In addition, a divorce number is also one of the funny phone numbers to call that will answer. Hence you can use it to prank your friends that are married. Dialing the number gives a lot of hilarious automated responses that can make them smile as well as have a re-think about working on their marriage.

8. Keep An Idiot Entertained Line: 605-475-6962

Here is also one of the prank call numbers that are entertaining and capable of lifting your mood. Are you bored or need to prank a friend? You can dial the ‘Keep An Idiot Entertained’ line to listen to humorous and hilarious words.

Although the responses may be quite harsh depending on the individual listening to it. We can assure you it is fun and capable of putting a smile on your face.

9. Sobriety Test Number: 605–475–6958

Are you searching for prank numbers to call? Sobriety Test Number is one of the funny phone numbers to call that will answer. Calling this phone number directs you to sets of automated questions that access your level of sobriety. This is very helpful for drinkers who want to know how drunk they are.

Therefore, the sobriety Test Number is one of the funny phone numbers you can call when you’re bored. You can choose to enjoy the automated response whether you are drunk or not. See the list of Top 10 Best Android Launcher

10. Loser Number: (206) 569-5829

The last but not the least funny phone number on our list is the Loser number. This is quite helpful as it allows venting like a close friend listening to your woes without judgment. You only get to record your messages and no voice on the line unlike other prank call numbers on our list.

In addition, you can record hilarious messages when you dial (206) 569-5829 and prank your friends or partner with it when they call you. Try it out and you will love it.

Final Thoughts on Prank Call Numbers to Call When you are Bored

Whenever you are bored or stuck at home alone, you can call any of the funny phone numbers on our list to relieve boredom. What do you think about prank call numbers? Do you think it is worth trying? Share your thoughts with us via the comments section.

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