Prestige Shuttle Online Booking, Prices, Routes and Contacts

Are you looking for how to book a ride with Prestige shuttle tours and travel? This is a complete guide on how to perform Prestige Shuttle online booking and other important information including the Prestige Shuttle prices, routes, and phone number.

Before we delve into the various routes and prices charged by the bus company, below is short information about the bus company.

About Prestige Shuttle Tours and Travel

This is one of the best bus companies in Kenya with more than a decade of experience. The Kenyan bus company started its activities in 2003 with 11 buses and 50 workers. Since then, it has grown to be one of the best transportation companies in Kenya with many state-of-the-art vehicles.

Prestige Shuttle Online Booking, Prices, Routes and Contacts

Prestige Shuttle buses are comfortable for both long and short distances. As there is room for stretching legs and reclining seats are made available. Not only that, there are luxurious lounges, toilets, screens and other facilities for passengers.

The bus company is known for its good customer services, safety, security as well as punctuality. Hence, transporting passengers to more than 30 destinations in Kenya at affordable prices becomes its sole purpose.

Apart from city-to-city transportation,  Prestige Shuttle also offers Car hire services for different events, trips, and tours. Also, you can book them for the delivery of your parcel as they offer parcel services. That being said, find below how to perform Prestige shuttle online booking to access any of their services.

Prestige Shuttle Online Booking

Like Simba Coach, to access any of the services rendered by Prestige Shuttle tours and traveling, you need to book a ticket for it. Fortunately, you can perform Prestige Shuttle online booking of tickets without visiting the stations at the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is to follow the below-listed steps and you will be able to perform Prestige Shuttle online bookings without any stress.

  • Visit Prestige Shuttle official website
  • Click on the Navigation bar and choose ‘Book’ out of the many options or better still scroll down till you get to the reservation section
  • Input your traveling details by selecting your departure location, destination, and date.
  • Proceed by clicking on Continue
  • Pay with your card to complete your bookings.

Note: In case you encounter any difficulty during the bookings, you can leave complaints via the website or visit any of Prestige Shuttle terminals.

Prestige Shuttle Prices and Routes

Knowing how to perform Prestige Shuttle online booking is good, you should also have an idea about Prestige Shuttle prices before preparing for your journey. Below is the list of routes plied by the bus company and the corresponding Prestige Shuttle prices.

  • Prestige Shuttle Nairobi to Nakuru price is 500 Kes
  • Prestige Shuttle Nairobi to Kisumu price is 1400 Kes
  • Nairobi to Kitale is 1350 Kes
  • Nairobi to Kericho is 1100 Kes
  • Nairobi to Eldoret is 1250 Kes

Other destinations of the bus company include Bumala, Busia, Kakamega, Luanda, Muhoroni, Maseno, Ugunja, Yala, and so on.

Note: Prestige Shuttle prices are correct as of the time of writing this article. The price may change anytime depending on the company. Thus, we advise you to confirm the price before preparing for your trip.

Are you unable to find your routes in the list of routes plied by Prestige Shuttle, you can book a ride with Mash Poa instead.

Prestige Shuttle Contact and Booking Office

Apart from performing Prestige Shuttle online booking, you can visit any of their booking offices or contact them to get your ticket. Below is the list of Prestige Shuttle offices and their contacts.

1. Head Office
Address: PO Box 0000-0100, Nairobi
Email address
[email protected], [email protected]
Contacts: 0790491749, 0723463093

2. Nakuru Office
Contact: 0790 491 750

3. Kisumu Office
Contact: 0790 491 751

4. Nairobi/Kisumu Office
Contact:0790 358 665

5. Nairobi/Nakuru Office
Contact: 0790 491 749

Final Thoughts on Prestige Shuttle online booking, prices, and others

Prestige Shuttle tours and travel offers safe, secure, and comfortable transport services at affordable rates. If you have any problems with any of their services, you can visit their website to lodge your complaint or call Prestige Shuttle customer phone number as listed above.

Not satisfied with Prestige Shuttle, you can try out other transport companies in Kenya like Translux , Eldo Coaches , Buscar , Tahmeed Coach.