Prices Of Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria – 2021 Current Price

Here we have listed the latest prices of fairly-used cars in Nigeria and the guides to follow so as to buy the best quality used cars in Nigeria in 2021 and also at an affordable price.

It is a well-known thing that Africans and even Nigerians now produce cars and other automobile vehicles that are durable and meet up to the world standard. We talk the likes of Innoson motors, Proforce, Nord Automobiles and many more. You can check the link below for more indigenous automobile companies in Africa.

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Though we have good automobile factories in Nigeria and Africa and they are all doing absolutely well but there has been no high circulation as most people still prefer buying cars made overseas outside the shores of Africa.

For someone who wants to buy a used car, you shouldn’t be looking forward to buying made in Nigeria used cars because you wouldn’t be able to find any but looking at well-known top brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen and so on then you have a greater chance of finding yourself neat and clean used cars in Nigeria.

If you have been asking to know how much used cars cost in Nigeria then you are in the right place, aside from telling you the cost of fairly-used cars in Nigeria, we will also tell you the tips to follow so as to buy from a reliable dealer and also where to buy used cars in Nigeria.

Why Buy A Used Car In Nigeria? See Reasons

The economy of Nigeria currently is nothing to write about, as we all know Nigeria imports most of the goods used in the country from Western and Asian countries and this has really affected the economy with bad leadership in the helms of affairs.

Though, as stated earlier we now produce good cars in Nigeria too but for someone who is just starting life with little monthly income buying the Nigerian automobile brands can be very expensive because they also import most of the components used to build these cars.

Also, buying brand new cars from abroad is also very expensive and this is the reason for this article as you can cut costs and at the same time enjoy the goodness of brand new cars in fairly-used ones.

So to avoid standing for a long time waiting for transit or rushing and running after buses at every bus stop in Nigeria why not buy a used car and enjoy comfort at a more cheaper price?

Let us take for instance; if you want to buy a brand new Toyota Camry 2017 model then you should have close to ₦12,000,000 of which you can just opt for the used one which costs around ₦3.5 – ₦5 million. Instead of you spending millions of Naira on new cars you can get a good used car in Nigeria.

You enter the street of Lagos and you see young people with cars, it isn’t that they all bought it anew, the majority of them got used cars at a cheaper price, most Nigerians rocks used cars (Tokunbo Cars).

The most interesting part of it is that the cars are only used for few years ranging from 3-5 years and they are still in almost new conditions based on how they were used and well handled by their owners, some are only used for few months or a year.

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Mind you there are different types of used cars in Nigeria, do not because I said you can opt for used cars then you went ahead to purchase a worn-out old car. You want to buy something that will last you for years and this is the reason why you need to know the types of used cars you can buy in Nigeria.

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Types Of Used Cars To Buy In Nigeria

We have two types of used cars in Nigeria that are recommended by this website, they have been seen to be the best type to go for as they give you peace of mind, they are “Foreign Used Cars (Tokunbo)” and “Locally Used Cars” used by Nigerians and still in perfect shape almost new.

Depending on the car usage you can make a good choice with the two options on the table for you to choose from.

The difference between a foreign used car and a local used car is that most cars used abroad are well handled or managed, they are used under a normal weather condition and also on good roads while the locally used one has been subjected to the bad roads of Nigeria and the harsh weather condition which makes the foreign much more preferable but they are both good.

So if you really want the best of best we advise you to go for foreign used cars because they have a good maintenance culture abroad than in Nigeria so your best bet is the foreign used cars.

How To Legally Buy A Used Car In Nigeria

It is important to take note of this section as this is where most people miss it and fall prey to fraudsters who know the worst condition of the car and yet package it for you as if everything is OK with the car.

Buying the cheapest car isn’t the way to go, you shouldn’t allow the cheap price to attract you and make you fall for scammers.

Mind you, some are stolen cars, they sell to you and when the law enforcement unit get hold of you then you find out you are in a deep mess, this is why you should follow our guides to buy used cars in Nigeria.

Below are steps to follow before buying a fairly-used car in Nigeria:

Step 1: Pinpoint Your Needs

There must be a reason why you wanted a car, you have to set your priorities right, know your preference buy observing the roads that lead to your house and your place of work or where you feel you will ply the most with the car, with this you can make a perfect choice.

At the same time, you need to watch your pocket, you have to go with what you know you can afford so you check your budget.

If your usage is mostly from home to office daily then your best bet is a golf car e.g. Volkswagen, Toyota Camry, Honda and so on and if it is mainly to move your family i.e wife and children for fun or cruise then you want to go for Sienna or SUVs.

As stated earlier if the roads that lead to your apartment or office is not so good then you need vehicles with high chassis i.e. the underbody of the car should be higher so there won’t be friction with the ground, bumps and potholes. Examples of such are Honda Pilot, Nissan Xterra, RAV4, Toyota Highlander, and so on.

You also want to check out other features like the rear-view camera, sound system and so on, depending on the comfort you seek for.

Step 2: Make A Budget

You have to make a budget and follow what you’ve budgeted for, you don’t spend more than your budget.

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We have listed the prices of used cars in Nigeria on this article so you can make a budget based on the list.

Step 3: Highlight Your Options

You need to first know the type of car you want then you make a budget for it then you highlight a list of your car options that are within the range of your budget, this will help you to make the right selection at the end of the day.

It could be that your choice is Japanese cars, then you will want to list down the likes of Honda Accord, Nissan, Toyota Camry, Corolla, Sedan or even Avensis. On the other hand if your choice will be based on German products then your best bet should be between Audi A4, BMW, Volkswagen Passat and so on.

Step 4: Make Your Own Research On The Highlighted Cars

Now that you have two or three brands or models you feel you are cool with, now it is time to make your own research about each one of them. You want to ask people about their fuel usage, lifespan, speed, gear type and many other functions of the cars listed.

The best way to carry out this is to meet those that are currently using those car brands and models or if you do not want to go via that you can check on the internet, search for automobile forums and there you can relate with car lovers.

You can make use of the popular Nigerian forum Nairaland, it has a category for automobiles where you can read about previous posts on cars and also ask questions, create a new thread and get quick answers.

Step 5: Car Inspection

Now that everything is set the next step is to go out and inspect the cars you have listed so either you want to buy a foreign used car in Nigeria or a local used car you need to visit a vendor that sells any of the types.
Remember we said the best option to go for is the foreign used car? but even some foreign used cars that look neat are filled with faults but the fact that it looks clean you rush to buy and later that will be your nightmare.
It is very important to take your time, do not rush, the car is meant to serve you for years so meticulously inspect it properly. You need to check every function that are on the car model specifications and make sure everything you need works fine.
You want to check the gearbox, fuel tank, brake, engine health, calibrator, exhaust pipe, AC, and even sound system on it.
If you do not know much about automobiles then you want to go with a good mechanic to help you through it, it is their work and even by listening to the engine sound they can easily detect a fault.

Step 6: Peruse All Papers and Documents Of The Vehicle

After checking out the best choice of car for you and making a decision to buy it you have to check all the car papers and make sure everything is intact, make sure the engine number is on its paper and so on.
This will make you have a comfortable drive without getting embarrassed by the Nigerian Custom Officers or other force units.
Get all your receipts in one piece, make photocopies of it and every necessary document of the vehicle.

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Where To Buy Used Cars In Nigeria

Want to know where to buy fairly used cars in Nigeria? We also added this as a bonus for our readers and everyone that wants to make the best choice when buying a car, now you can know the prices of second hand cars in Nigeria. To buy your car from a reliable and legit source then make use of the ones below:

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1. Apapa Auto Market: Apapa automobile market in Lagos state is the best place to buy your cars either new or used. This market is currently the largest automobile market in Nigeria, you will be presented with various dealers to buy from.

2. Online Car Listing Sites: With the advancement of technology you can make a purchase online without stress. We now have various trusted car listing websites where you can buy a used car from, some of them are, and many more. We advise the two we listed i.e. Jiji and Checki as they are trusted and have maintained a very outstanding reputation over time.

3. Private Car Dealer: You can also visit car dealers in Nigeria, we have a quite good number of them that are respected and known to always sell the best quality Tokunbo and new cars. Some of the known car dealers in Nigeria are Leventis Motors, Lanre Shittu Motors, Coscharis Motors, Tejude Motors, Elizade Motors, Banix Motors and Globe Motors Holdings.

Latest Prices Of Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria – 2021

Prices Of Toyota Corolla in Nigeria (Tokunbo)

  • 2005 Toyota Corolla LE Automatic – ₦1, 700,000 – ₦2, 500,000
  • 2005 Toyota Corolla S – ₦1, 800,000 – ₦2, 600,000
  • 2005 Toyota Corolla 1.3 – ₦1, 900,000 – ₦2, 400,000
  • 2006 Toyota Corolla 1.8 – ₦2, 000,000 – ₦2, 500,000
  • 2007 Toyota Corolla LE Automatic – ₦2, 000,000 – ₦2, 600,000
  • 2007 Toyota Corolla CE – ₦1, 800,000 – ₦2, 300,000
  • 2008 Toyota Corolla 1.8 VVTL-i – ₦2, 900,000 – ₦3, 500,000
  • 2009 Toyota Corolla – ₦1, 800,000 – ₦3, 000,000
  • 2010 Toyota Corolla 1.3 – ₦2, 600,000 – ₦3, 600,000
  • 2011 Toyota Corolla – ₦2, 000,000 – ₦2, 800,000
  • 2012 Toyota Corolla LE Automatic – ₦4, 500,000 – ₦5, 200,000
  • 2013 Toyota Corolla – ₦4, 000,000 – ₦5, 000,000
  • 2014 Toyota Corolla Automatic – ₦7, 500,000 – ₦8, 500,000
  • 2014 Toyota Corolla – ₦6, 000,000 – ₦6, 500,000
  • 2015 Toyota Corolla LE Automatic – ₦6, 600,000 – ₦7, 000,000
  • 2015 Toyota Corolla S Automatic – ₦6, 300,000 – ₦7, 000,000
  • 2016 Toyota Corolla – ₦6, 000,000 – ₦7, 000,000
  • 2016 Toyota Corolla Automatic – ₦7, 500,000 – ₦8, 500,000
  • 2017 Toyota Corolla (Brand New) – ₦12, 000,000 – ₦15, 000,000

Prices Of Locally Used Toyota Corolla in Nigeria

  • 2006 Toyota Corolla 1.8 – ₦850,000 – ₦1, 450,000
  • 2008 Toyota Corolla 1.8 VVTL-i – ₦1, 000,000 – ₦2, 000,000
  • 2009 Toyota Corolla – ₦1, 200,000 – ₦1, 500,000
  • 2011 Toyota Corolla – ₦1,300,000 – ₦1, 500,000
  • 2014 Toyota Corolla – ₦1,500,000 – ₦2,500,000

Prices Of Foreign Used Toyota Camry In Nigeria (Tokunbo)

  • 1996 (Camry Orobo) – ₦800,000 – ₦950,000
  • 1997 – 2001 – ₦1 million – ₦1.5 million
  • 2002 – 2006 – ₦1.4 million – ₦2.1 million
  • 2007 – 2011 (Camry Muscle) – ₦2.6 million – ₦3.7 million.
  • 2012 – 2014 (Camry Muscle) – ₦4 million – ₦6.5 million
  • 2015 – 2017 – ₦9 million – ₦16.5 million.

Prices of Locally Used Toyota Camry In Nigeria

  • 1996 (Camry Orobo) – ₦300K – ₦350K
  • 1997 – 2001 – ₦500K – ₦800K
  • 2002 – 2006 – ₦750K – ₦1.1 million
  • 2007 – 2011 (Camry Muscle) – ₦1.4 million – ₦2 million
  • 2012 – 2014 – ₦3.5 million – ₦5 million
  • 2015 – 2017 – ₦6 million – ₦9 million.

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Taking this on ourselves to always update the prices and also add more car brands and models to the list as we get a confirmed price from the dealers. Always check back to get an updated list of prices of used cars in Nigeria on this page.

If you have any addition or contribution kindly make use of the comment box, you can also share via the social media share button to you friends so they too can be a car owner.


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