How To Track and Find Your Stolen Car in Nigeria

There are many tips on how you can track and find your stolen car embedded in this article. Do well to read it and finish to have an idea of how you can recover a stolen vehicle in Nigeria, whether with a tracker or not.

With the rate of insecurity in Nigeria, it is not uncommon to see a car getting stolen from the owner. There are many cases of cars stolen from garages and stores by the owners or even snatched from the owner with a gun.

This is usually a sad and horror experience for the owner whose car just get stolen. Instead of staying sad, there are many ways you can use to recover and track your stolen car from these thieves. But Before we discussed how to find your missing vehicle, let’s talk about how you can detect a stolen car using VIN. This will prevent you from buying a stolen car.

How To Track and Find Your Stolen Car in Nigeria

Most stolen vehicles or Cars are usually sold to unsuspecting buyers on pretense by these thieves. This is extremely harmful to the individual, hence, it’s important to know how to detect a stolen car.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is one of the commonly used numbers in detecting stolen cars. VIN is normally written almost in all parts of a vehicle or car. It’s usually a tiny inscription close to the engine, windscreen, and other parts of the car.

This number is unique to every car and can be used to recognize a car. Although, most thieves will scratch the inscription away, or get rid of it. Once a car does not have a VIN or is already scratched, then you should be suspicious and careful in buying the car.

Another way to detect a stolen car is by checking the plate number. The plate number will be rare to find as most thieves will have removed the plate number. And if it’s still there, you can compare it to the plate numbers used in your state. 

If it’s a stolen car, it’s likely going to be from another state or area. This is because most thieves will sell the stolen car far away from the area to avoid being caught.

Checking the car tyres expiration date can also be used in detecting and locating a stolen vehicle. Unlike the VIN and plate number, it’s uncommon for thieves to change the car’s tyres or scratch out the expiry date. If you are suspecting that a car was stolen, this can be a way to locate a stolen car.

Now that you know how to detect stolen cars, let’s get down to tips on how to track a stolen car in Nigeria. Below is the list of ways you can use to find a missing vehicle.

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How to Track A Stolen Car With/Without Tracker

How can I track my car if it is stolen? To recover a stolen car in Nigeria, there are many ways to go through it. There is no single effective method, but combining all the below-listed approaches will help to find the missing vehicle quickly.

1. File a Complaints With The Police

Many victims of car theft are usually disorganized and sad. This state can prevent the victim from doing needful. So, we advised you to report to the nearest police station, if your car is missing.

The first step to tracking a stolen car as well as recovering it is to report and lodge a complaint to the police with the necessary details. You should be able to provide the below-listed information to increase the chances of finding your stolen car.

  • Vehicle Documents for proof of ownership
  • The plate number of the car
  • Driver’s License
  • National ID Card or another Identification card
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Use of Car tracking devices and other related devices
  • Description of the car (this is including the brand of the car, color, year, model, and other necessary details)
  • The Last time the car was seen and the location
  • Suspected person(s) who carried out the theft (if Known)

Answering these questions well and to the best of your ability will improve the chances of finding a stolen car.

2. Visit Your Car Insurance Service Provider

Car owners are expected to register with an insurance service provider because of situations like this. If you have done this before your car was stolen, then this will be easy to do. Your auto insurance company will likely help you to find or track your stolen car. Or better still find some other plausible options for you.

3. Inform the Public, Friends, and Family

When you face something as terrible as that, you should not keep quiet. Tell people about your stolen car, friends, family, colleagues, and the general public. Give a vivid description of the car to them, in case they came across it. You never can tell whose information can help with recovering your stolen vehicle.

4. Inform Drivers and Other Transport workers

Most drivers are known for traveling long distances. They take trips to different places by the virtue of their work. You can visit a driver’s friend or garage to show your car pictures to them or even give a detailed description of this.

5. Visiting Car Dealer

One of the best ways to track your stolen car in Nigeria is by visiting car dealers in your area. Most thieves always sell stolen cars rather than use them. And the car dealers are the primary party they sell to.

Visiting a car dealer and informing him about your stolen vehicle is an important step to finding a stolen car, especially without a tracker.

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Car trackers and other related devices are very effective when you need to track your stolen car. This is especially when the thief is yet to disengage it from the motor part.

If you have it fitted in your car and you have synchronized the car navigation system with your phone. It will be very easy. You just need to trace the car or better still seek the help of an expert or involve the police.

With the above-mentioned tips, recovering your stolen vehicle should not be hard. What do you think about our article on how to track a stolen vehicle in Nigeria? Do you find it helpful? Kindly drop your comment below.