Profitable Business And Investment Opportunities In Chile

Chile might sound like a very remote location for someone to choose for starting up a business but you have to know that above all other things, there is no location too small to make money in. Learn about the Business And Investment Opportunities In Chile Now, why would we want you to go all the way to Chile to start something lucrative for yourself?

First off, the government over there has put some incentives in place to encourage more and more foreigners to start something up in the country. You would be treated to options that include, but are not limited to, start-up capital, free office space capital and as well, a free stay for a period of six months.

As if that is not enough, the natural and business climate of the region is something to write home about, and they are ready in support of your boom. Now that we have established these, how about we just go on and tell you what you can start up in this region?

Profitable Business And Investment Opportunities In Chile

 1.Real Estate

This is a profitable business for all and contrary to the common belief, you don’t need a huge capital to start. You can begin small and in just a little time, with proper ethics and the right customers, you would be on a large scale. You could be a realtor that buys and sells houses, and lands could be your thing too.

The house you buy could be rented out to those who come to the country on vacation or sold out-rightly. You could even renovate old sites and make them into something marketable.

2. Tourism Agency

Yearly, a lot of tourists visit Chile to see sites such as The Torres del Paine Mountains, Atacama Desert, Easter Islands, and a host of other locations like that. With a proper tourism agency on the ground, you could organize fun trips and tours for those that would love to see the plains and terrains of the land.

Let your package be fun-filled, interesting, and able to cut across all age groups that are coming. Be sensitive to the needs of your troupe too and with that, a nice business and pocket await you.

3. Transportation Business

Being home to a lot of tourists year in year out, Chile is one of the places where the transportation business would thrive the most. A large percentage of tourists come from very far places and as such, do not always bring their cars along.

This makes them in constant need of a regular mode of transportation to and from their sites of interest, and you could be the merchant to fill this need. No fleet of cars is ever too small, and since the tourist centers are going nowhere, you’ll never be out of business.

4. Photography

For a region that has such a beautiful landscape and is visited yearly by many hundreds of people, it is impossible that people would not want to keep memories of their time over there.

A picture, they say, speaks a thousand words, and you could be one of the people that write that a thousand words for the tourists. Get all you need to set up and Jet over there.

Set up shop and offer your services at decent rates to tourists. If you are lucky, your services could even be paid for exclusively by an agency or tourist group. Not to mention is the fact that you can sell your exceptional photos online to those that would need them, and you could make some impressive bucks this way too.

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 5. Language Teaching

The main language that is being spoken in Chile is Spanish and most of the people there would love to add some English to the list of their languages. If you are a fluent English language speaker, the locals would pay you to transfer some of your knowledge to them.

Likewise, if your Spanish is any good, you would be able to find a business with ex-pats and maybe, some tourists who are looking to pick up a little Spanish to ease their stay.

There is a host of other options such as operating and running a retail store, engaging in the food business, and the likes, but we think that with these, we must have set the ball rolling for you.


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