Profitable Business Ideas And Opportunities In Antigua And Barbuda

There is also a lot of information on Antigua and Barbuda online so we would not look to wastes your time by giving you an iteration of all of these. What we would, however, like to do is give you a sure list of booming business options in the area, and we think you would find the piece of information gold. Let’s take you by the hand while we walk you through the integrating list of things that could make you money in the aforementioned regions. We have to start somewhere, so here goes.

1. Agriculture

A little research on the basic stats as concerns the regions of Antigua and Barbuda would show you that of the combined 442 square meters that they have, more than 30 percent of the land is suitable for agricultural purposes, and to date, about 18% is the only amount that has been exploited. This gives room for more agricultural development in the land and of this is worth anything, we should let you know that the soil is like the very best for the cultivation of pineapple – a food crop and as well, a cash crop.

2. IT-based Business

There has been a vigorous push in the aforementioned region in the past, and all of these have been in a bid to make sure the economy is information-driven. This move has yielded so many fruits that the Antigua and Barbuda region can be easily spotted as the most connected telephone nation in the region of the East Caribbean. In the same vein, a number of slots were opened up for investors in the IT business, and in a quest to complete the coverage of the entire land by 2025, why not take your business there now and be part of the revolution as well as early investors?

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3. Agricultural Processing Companies

The government has already created a good atmosphere for agriculture by putting in place some policies to boost the production of food with the region, and this would favor you as an investor should you, for example, decide to start up a food processing firm in the country. You could start from the always readily available pineapple and start making its juice for the entire populace while exporting the rest too. In little time, the expansion would begin to creep upon your business too.

4. Tourism Business

With prime locations like Fort James, St. John’s Harbour, Deep Bay, Mountain Obama National Park, and the Galleon Beach to mention but a few, Antigua and Barbuda get their own fair share of yearly visitors and tourists. To be frank, these tourists do not have the faintest idea of how good a time they and have while on their vacation and it is left to you to show them around, and let them see the beauty of the whole place for what it really is.

Organize fun trips, create great packages that would be able to serve all classes and age ranges, and make your services pocket-friendly too. If possible, get in touch with a travel agency and get affiliated with them to advertise your packages to travelers. Tourists never stop trooping in, and money would never be an issue for you likewise.

5. Cotton Farming

Most of the wear that comes out of Japan, and many other major textile manufacturing and handling counties, are made with the use of Sea-island cotton. Why we are giving you this information is because Antigua happens to be one of the chief growers of this kind of cotton, and cloth manufacturers can just never get enough of it.

There are many acres of land that has already been set aside by the government for this reason, so that should not be a problem for you. All you would need to do is get the personnel and equipment needed for the farming of this kind of crop and the government would be ready to allocate a free unit of land to you.

To make sure that you are not stranded with the product during the harvest season, the government already has a board in place to buy off the produce from you. You have everything set up and put in place for your success, and we don’t see how you can go wrong here.

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Antigua and Barbuda are two of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and if there is ever one good time to get into business in these places, trust us, it is now.