How to Register a Church or Mosque in Nigeria with CAC

Wish to know how to register a church or mosque in Nigeria with CAC? Here is the step-by-step method to register a church or mosque under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Are you planning to open a church or mosque? If “Yes” is your answer then it is advisable you follow due process so that you won’t have any unwanted issues with the government in the future.

What is CAC?

The Corporate Affairs Commission is an autonomous body charged with the responsibility to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria.

The Corporate Affairs Commission was founded by the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1990 and has since been in the business of overseeing all registered companies, businesses, churches, mosques, and non-governmental organizations.

Without delay, let us go straight to the steps to register a church or mosque with the Corporate Affairs Commission;

How to Register a Church or Mosque in Nigeria with CAC

Registering your church or mosque with the CAC only takes 5 steps and voila, you are done. Read below;


Firstly, you need to conduct a Name Search for the particular church or mosque and make sure your preferred name hasn’t been used by someone else. Also, you will be asked for the type of business when choosing your name so bear in mind. Here you are to use Incorporated Trustees as churches and mosques and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) fall in this category.


Secondly, you are expected to create a Board of Trustees that will stand in as directors. Board of Trustees is the equivalent to company Shareholders/Directors. They are always responsible for the handling of the management of the church or mosque.


Immediately after the selected name has been approved by CAC, then you will want to proceed to the next step which is to Publish the Approved name of the church or mosque in 3 newspapers in the country and it is mandatory that out of the three newspapers, one must be in the area or close to the church or mosque.

For better clarification, the church or mosque board of trustees will have to make sure it is published on Vanguard, Punch and one other daily or newspaper in the area where the church is located, for instance, if the church is located in Oshodi, the trustees will look for a newspaper located in Oshodi or any other closest area located on the mainland of Lagos.


You have to make sure the application is filled correctly, you should also note that the Aims and Objectives of the church or mosque will be asked so you are expected to have that ready. All the members of the Board of Trustees will also have a space to fill in their personal information. In addition, the application form must be submitted with the below-listed documents:

  • 2 Passport photographs of each Trustee,
  • Application letter,
  • The original newspaper publications, two copies of the church constitution,
  • The minutes of the meeting where the trustees were appointed e.t.c


Lastly, all the submitted documents will be reviewed by the Corporate Affairs Commission and once everything is in order you will get your approval.

NOTE: You can make your registration in any of the CAC branches in your area/state and also for easy registration you can make use of the CAC official website, download your preferred form and upload after filling.