How to Register a Private School in Nigeria

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There are as many private schools in Nigeria as there are government owns and as such, establishing a private school requires some legal guidelines.

Just like any legal business, running a for-profit only school is also considered legitimate in Nigeria so far the due process of law is followed in line and in accordance with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Act.

Before any private school can be considered a legally-established venture, such a school will have to register its existence with the Corporate Affairs Commission or else it will be declared an unwanted element.

Recognized Approach To Register A Private School in Nigeria

Without much delay, the following are the only recognizable ways to register a legit for-profit school in Nigeria.

  1. Choose a Unique Name

Be enlightened that your private school will need a unique name that has not been used or chosen by anybody in your sojourn to register your school with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

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So look for two beautiful and unique names that you will submit to the CAC for consideration. Also, take note that your chosen names must not have anything like ‘government’,  ‘state’, ‘national’ or any official name or terms in it.

  1. Visit the CAC Office

After you must have identified two wonderful names for your proposed school, go to any Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office in your state to register the school name.

The corporate affairs commission will give you a form to fill with your suggested names after which they will check for the name’s availability and reservation.

More so, the CAC usually uses up to two weeks to check for the available names among the submitted two and you will have to pay some token for the service (the amount varies depending on your state).

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What’s more, after the two weeks must have elapsed, the CAC will notify you if any of the names is available and it will be approved.

But if the reverse is the case,  the CAC will run another name check and availability and a new set of available and suggested names will be provided to you with another payment fee.

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  1. Name Registration

After your chosen private school name has been approved by the CAC, you will be provided with a registration form. You will be expected to fill in some of your information.

The information needed is as follows:

  • The approved school name;
  • The proposed school address;
  • The name(s) of the school proprietor(s);
  • The address of the school proprietor(s);
  • Two passport photographs of the proposed school proprietor(s); and
  • The nature of the proposed school to be registered in Nigeria.
  1. Submission of the registration form.
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The moment you are done filling the registration form, you will have to pay a certain amount of money (the amount depends on the state you are registering from).

You’ll, therefore, need to wait for about four weeks for any response from CAC.

  1. Collection of Certificate

Now your private school registration certificate is ready for collection. The registration certificate will be the only proof that your private school is duly registered as a legitimate entity in Nigeria.

That is that on the legal process of registering a private school in Nigeria.

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