Top 10 Richest Bankers In The World ([year])

The Banking Industry is one of the industries in the financial sector that will continue to flourish amidst the economic situation of a country. Some of the world’s wealthiest people are continually produced from the banking industry.

To become a wealthy and successful banker, you need to be very apt and strategic in thinking. You cannot be progressive in this sector if you cannot produce Initiatives that can level up the financial institutions or take substantial risks that may profit the company in the long run.

The richest bankers in the world are ranked as such because of the risky investments they have taken in their respective financial institutions.

The list of the richest bankers in the world is fluid and not always constant because a bad economic year can be very harsh on a banker’s net worth and income. It takes professionalism and discipline to manage money properly in banking firms.

These qualities are also expected to be among the richest presidents in the world. These richest bankers in the world are some of the wealthiest investment bankers in financial institutions that have proved their mettle over the years.

List Of The Richest Bankers In The World

1. Warren Buffett

Net worth – $82.4 billion

Warren Buffett is the richest banker in the world. He is an eccentric investor and money handler. He had a humble beginning, distributing newspapers at the age of 11 from where he got his interest in the stock exchange market.

He started working as a securities analyst in the 1950s where he got most of his working experience. He began his investment company soon afterward by gaining ownership of banking stocks. Though he was not educated as a banker in school, he is regarded as “the most important person in Banking” and “the Oracle of Omaha”, due to the skillfulness he applies to his banking decisions and advisory.

He owns a textile company known as Berkshire Hathaway since 1969 where he applies most of his insights in trading stocks. He is rated as one of the top investment bankers in the world currently for having invested in some of the sectors of the richest companies in the world.

2. Abigail Johnson

Net worth – $28.6 billion

Abigail Johnson was born into a family of top investment bankers and could not help but develop an interest in the sector. Both her grandfather and father were investment bankers and were introduced to investment banking right from home.

Their family owns “Fidelity investments”, a high-profile investment company that was initially founded by Abigail’s grandfather – Edward C. Johnson II.

Abigail gained control over the bank as its chairman after her father stepped down officially in 2014. The firm manages $3.2 trillion in assets and she owns a 24.5% stake in the company which has largely contributed to her net worth and rated her as one of the richest bankers in the world.

3. Jim Simmons

Net worth – $22 billion

Jim Simmons is a professional investment banker having studied and attained a degree in the course. He became a professor in mathematics after he broke a tough code in the US Department of Defense during the Vietnam war.

He became the Chairman of Renaissance Technologies LLC which is an investment company he founded himself having developed mathematical systems of stick analysis.

Jim Simmons is a deal-breaker when it comes to deliberating on investment decisions. Most of the investors under his tutelage are high-profile personalities and the richest investors from different sectors and nations of the world.

He is really good at banking strategies which have cushioned his investment company – Renaissance Technologies to attain assets worth over $57 billion.

4. Carl Icahn

Net worth – $19.4 billion

Carl Icahn is not just a magnate in the banking industry but also a politician. He owns an investment company that manages the wealth of some of the very successful people in the world today.

He is focused on bringing out the best in companies that he is sure would succeed under proper management and investment decisions. He buys companies with proven potential through his own investment company and as an investment banker, he analyses their stock and assets to determine the chain of operations that will be most profitable for them.

Carl Icahn is a wealthy investment banker, whose company deals majorly in long-term investment which is very lucrative since most of those companies yields lots of profits after they are resold.

5. Steve Schwarzman

Net worth – $17.9 billion

Steve Schwarzman like Warren Buffett had a humble beginning. His father used to be a store owner and that was where he birthed an idea of investment banking before he went ahead to learn it ideally.

In 1985, he founded his investment company “Blackstone” which is now one of the largest equity firms in the world. The company manages assets worth $439 billion. He recently earned $786 million in a year and was rated as the highest-paid investment banker in the world.

6. Ned Johnson III

Net worth – $17.1 billion

Ned Johnson III is the father of Abigail Johnson and is a veteran investment banker. He still made it to this list because his net worth and methods of stock analysis are still very relevant in the banking industry.

He mentored his daughter, Abigail Johnson to become a top-earning investment banker. He also has some other young-generation investment bankers currently under his tutelage.

Ned Johnson III was the Chairman of Fidelity investments for over 40 years before he handed the reins of the firm over to his daughter. He is a top investor himself asides from his financial firm; he owns a hundred-million-dollar worth art gallery and also has a real estate firm worth 2.5 billion dollars.

7. Thomas Peterffy

Net worth – $15.7 billion

Thomas Peterffy is another American investment banker on our list that has aced his investment banking skills over the years. His analytical systems have dubbed him the founder of modern trading. This was in 1995 after he formed the first online trading company – Interactive Brokers.

Thomas Peterffy had always been a visionary to take investments online. His fantasies and visions finally paid off with the development of the first computer-based online investment system. Online investments cannot be concluded without his name coming into play.

He is a big player in investment bankers and online investments specifically. He is a billionaire investor owning an art gallery that can well be regarded to have reached the state-of-the-art standard. His investment systems are similar to those of the best investment banks in the world.

8 Ray Dalio

Net worth – $15.4 million

Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater associates which have over $160 billion in assets and global investments. He has written a book on how to be a successful investor and is rated among the world’s most successful investors.

9. Ken Griffin

Net worth – $15.4 billion

Ken Griffin is one of the richest bankers in the world and is the investment banker that owns the Chicago-based hedge fund “Citadel”.

Having studied investment banking at Harvard, he began trading in his room and has now evolved to become one of the most influential investors in the world currently.

Asides from the Citadel, he is also behind a lot of investment banks in the US. He has a taste for aesthetics and owns an art gallery, two private jets, and lots of houses in diverse countries.

10. Budi Hartono

Net worth – $14.9 billion

Budi Hartono is one of the world’s most accomplished Investors and richest bankers in the world. He is based in Indonesia and is an owner of a conglomerate.

He manages a bank, a Telecom business, and a tobacco company which he inherited from his parents. Alongside his brother, they are the largest shareholders in the Bank of Central Asia. This bank is on record as the most influential and biggest bank in Indonesia.


Investment Banking can be very lucrative and at the same disheartening. You need to have mastered the mechanics and systems of the best investment bankers before you can go deep into trading stocks and become one of the richest bankers in the world.

Though bankers work hard to be at the top of banking affairs and recent trends in financial institutions, some work hard but are not smart. To succeed and reach the acme of the banking industry as one of the richest investors or bankers in the world, you need to have air on accountability, transparency, and responsibility.

Remember, none of these bankers gained their massive net worth through fraudulent means or by cheating their investors. This largely implies that to be rated as a top investment banker you need to be honest and disciplined.